Incomplete Grade Policy

A grade of "I" (incomplete) is to be assigned only in truly extenuating circumstances and only if the student has completed most (minimum of 2/3) of the work required for the course. A faculty member should not enter into an agreement to give an incomplete grade if that faculty member is not returning to teach at the university the subsequent term. This would include faculty who would be on sabbatical.

For the sake of both the faculty and the student, the terms for such an agreement must be spelled out in writing, clearly and in detail, on the Electronic Incomplete Grade Form (EICF) which is then emailed to the CLAS Dean's office. Faculty must include a grade to be assigned to the student should the incomplete work not be completed by the specified deadline. The faculty member must also enter a letter grade of "I" in Banner by the grade submission deadline.  PLEASE NOTE--to save the competed form,  select Print, choose under the printers Save to PDF.

When the student completes the work, the faculty member will need to assign a grade and enter the new grade on a Grade Change Form that the faculty member sends to the CLAS Dean's office. If the student does not complete the work specified in the agreement in the time that was agreed to, the CLAS Dean's office will change the course grade to the grade the faculty listed on the EICF.

If the faculty member did not list a grade on the EICF, she/he will receive a notice from the Registrar via the CLAS Dean's office to assign a grade to the course.  

The Grade Change Form is ONLY a paper form, which may be obtained from your unit office or the registrar.


Additional points for faculty:

1.    Students with an incomplete do not register for the course again. If they are expected to attend class sessions, they should attend without registering for that course again. Faculty members may not tell the student to retake the entire course.

2.    It is possible to grant additional extensions for students. Please do so in writing to the CLAS Dean's office before the deadline for a new grade.

3.    It is not possible to assign a grade of W (withdraw).  Withdrawal is a separate process for students (form on registrar's page) that is reviewed by the Academic Review Committee and not the CLAS Dean's Office.

4.    The incomplete grade list will be distributed by Records, via the academic deans, twice per academic year.

5.    Incomplete grades are coded as "in progress". This allows students to register for courses where the incomplete course might be a prerequisite.

6.    Incomplete grades are not calculated in the GPA which may impact secondary admit programs.

7.    Students may not graduate with incomplete grades on their records.

Page last modified December 9, 2016