Brian White

Department of English
English Education

267 Lake Huron Hall
(616) 331-3492

Brian White

ENG 310 Teaching Writing: Secondary
ENG 311 Teaching Literature to Adolescents
ENG 495 Literature and Language (Capstone)
ED 331 Methods and Strategies for Secondary Teaching
ED 431 Student Teaching, Secondary

Research Interests
My research interests include the teaching of literature (enhancing response to literature at the secondary and post-secondary levels), John Dewey and his critics, and North American short stories. My current project is a critique of the literature units produced by the authors of the Common Core State Standards and promoted by Achieve the Core

Recent Publications
White, B. (in press). John Dewey, the Common Core, and the Teaching of English. English Education.

White, B. (2015). Scapegoat: John Dewey and the character education crisis. Journal of Moral Education, 44 (2), 127-144.

White, B. (2013). A mode of associated teaching: John Dewey and the structural isolation of teachers. Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue. 15 (2), 31-47. 

White, B. (2011). Fragmentation, standardization, and the wild (mother) goose chase for educational productivity and accountability. Language Arts Journal of Michigan, 27 (1), 6-12.

White, B. (2011). The vulnerable population of teacher researchers: Or “why I can’t name my co-authors.” English Education, 43 (4), 321-340. 

Haberling, J. & White, B. (2009). Black like me, just like me: Enhancing response to literature through student-generated cases. Language Arts Journal of Michigan, 24 (2), 44-54.

White, B. (2008). “In the humble fashion of a scripture woman”: The Bible as besieging tool in Freeman’s “The Revolt of ‘Mother.’” Christianity and Literature, 58 (1), 81-92.

White, B. & Haberling, J. (2006). The case for studying character(s) in the literature classroom. Journal of Language and Literacy Education [On-line], 2 (2), 1-21.

Grand Valley State University Outstanding Teacher Award
Grand Valley State University Alumni Association Outstanding Educator Award
NCTE/Conference on English Education Janet Emig Award

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison