Pengtong Qu

Assistant Professor
Department of English
English Education

231 Lake Huron Hall
(616) 331-3467
[email protected]

Pengtong Qu

ENG 100 Reading for College
ENG 201 Foundations of Literacy
ENG 301 Teaching Reading & Writing, PK-6
ENG 355 Teaching English Language Learners, PK-6
ENG 400 Critical Issues in K-12 Literacy

Research Interests
My research agenda focuses biliteracy and family literacy with the intersections of multicultural education, literacy methods, and teacher education at the elementary level. I am interested in examining Funds of knowledge and multimodal literacy practices in immigrant families and the dynamic and creative feature of emergent bilinguals’ translanguaging. I am also interested in building connection between family-school literacy and developing student teachers’ understanding of literacy plurality by incorporating multicultural education in teacher education.

Recent Publications

Qu, P., Deliman, A., Walker, A., Weltsek, G., J. and Medina, C.L. (in press). Biliteracy, Playfulness and Performative Practices. In R. Tierney, F. Rizvi, G. Smith, & K. Gutierrez (Eds.). International Encyclopedia of Education (4th edition). Blackwell's.

Wohlwend, K., Qu, P., Scott, J. A., and Medina, L. C. (2022). Biliteracy at the Train Table: Supporting Young Emergent Bilinguals’ through Play and Multimodality. In S. Brown & L. Hao (Eds.). Multimodal Literacies in Young Emergent Bilinguals: Speaking Back to Print-Centric Practices. Multilingual Matters.

Ding, A., Qu, P., Glazeski, K., Ergulec, F., Nadiruzzaman, H., Bae, H., and Brush, T. (2021). The dilemmas of teaching dilemmas in a foreign language classroom—A design paper. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 12(3).


Ph.D. in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education, 2022
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

M.S. Ed in Literacy Culture, and Language Education, 2015
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature, 2013
Sichuan International Studies University, Chongqing, China

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