Amy Masko

Department of English
English Education

B-3-240 Mackinac Hall
(616) 331-2416

Amy Masko

ENG 308 Teaching Reading: The Necessary Skills
ENG 309 Teaching Literature to Children
ENG 334 Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults (Taught in Ghana)
ENG 400 Language Arts for Teaching
ENG 495 Literature and Language Capstone

Research Interests
Expertise for English Capstone (ENG 495) Advising
Urban Education
Multicultural Education
Multicultural Children’s Literature
Racial Identity Development
Reading Methods & Best Practices in Literacy Education International Comparative Education
ESL and Vernacular Englishes in the Classroom

Recent Publications
Masko, A. L. & Otu, N. (April  September 2012). The Asafo of Ghana: A life history of an Asafo flag dancer: An ethnographic photography exhibit. Red Wall Gallery, Grand Valley State University. Research Exhibition.

Masko, A. L. & Bosiwah, L. (2010). Dancing our past in pieces: The role of culture groups in cultural preservation of drumming and dancing in Ghana. (with Korye Dance Theatre). Research with Musical Exhibit presented at US Fulbright Alumni Lecture Series, University of Ghana-Legon, Accra, Ghana, September 2010. Research Exhibition.

Masko, A. L. & Bosiwah, L. (2012). Teacher Accountability & Student Responsibility: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of American & Ghanaian Schooling Practices, Policies and a Reflection on NCLB. Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, (in press). 

Masko, A.L. Resistance at city middle school: Critical race theorizing in educational research. Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, 10, 177-192.

Masko, A. L. (2007). Education. In Bowman, V. (Ed.). Scholarly resources for children and childhood studies: A research guide and annotated. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press.

Masko, A. (2005)."I think about it all the time": A 12-year-old-girl's internal crisis with racism and its effects on her mental health. The Urban Review, 37, 329-350.

Masko, A. (2005). Urban children's experiences and teacher pedagogical practices: When it's about race, do adults care? Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, 7, 175-194.

B.S., Eastern Michigan University
M.Ed., Lesley University
Ph.D., University of Denver