Adeline Borti

Assistant Professor
Department of English
English Education

B-3-244 Mackinac Hall
(616) 331-3587

Adeline Borti

ENG 302 Introduction to Language Arts: Teaching Writing and Children's Literature
ENG 308 Teaching Reading: The Necessary Skills

Research Interests
My research interests include teacher knowledge of literacy and English education at the preservice teacher education and the in-service levels, students' needs assessment, equity, inclusion, and diversity in literacy and English education and English as a second language. Currently, my project focuses on preservice teachers' knowledge of literacy and its relation to literacy teaching experiences and demographic variables.

Recent Publications

Borti, A. (2019).  Ghanaian epistemology in teacher education. In K. T. Han, & J. Laughter (Eds.). Critical Race Theory in Teacher Education: Informing Classroom Culture and Practice (pp. 115–125). New York: Teachers College Press.

Borti, A. (2019). A life in two worlds: The silenced and the unsilenced. Qualitative Inquiry. Online publication.

Brock, C. H., Borti, A., Frahm, T., Howe, L., Khasilova, D., & Ventura-Kalen, K. (2017). Employing autoethnography to examine our diverse identities: Striving towards equitable and socially just stances in literacy teaching and research. International Journal of Multicultural Education, 19(1), 105–124.


Ph.D. University of Wyoming
B. Ed. University of Cape Coast, Ghana
M.A., University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana