Advising FAQ

Our new curriculum will be implemented in Fall 2011. Undergraduate registration for this semester begins on March 22nd. While our new majors (as of Fall 2011) will be automatically enrolled into our new curriculum, the majority of our students, at least this year, will be continuing on the old curriculum.

Continuing Majors
If you have already declared an English major prior to Fall 2011, you may complete the major on the 2010 Catalog (the old curriculum). No courses from the old curriculum have been eliminated, so you will be able to complete your English major without a problem. You do not need to take ENG 215 or ENG 216 complete your major. You may still use the old curriculum advising forms.

New Majors
If you declare an English major in Fall 2011 or later, you will automatically take the new curriculum. Please see our new curriculum advising forms for further guidance on course selection and scheduling.

Transfer Students
If you recently transferred to GVSU after completing coursework at another institution, you may have taken courses similar to the foundation courses of our old curriculum. In some instances, these credits fulfill upper level requirements of the new curriculum. Please see our Transfer Plan advising form for further guidance and consult with your advisor.

Continuing Majors Who Want to Take the New Curriculum
If you have already begun the major but want to change to the new curriculum, consult with your advisor. You should indicate that you want to change the calendar year of your degree to Fall 2011. You may also want to do a "what if" analysis through MyPath with your advisor to see how your courses fit into the new curriculum. If you have fulfilled 4 of 5 of the old curriculum foundations, you may waive ENG 215.

The New Education Major
As of Fall 2010, students who are pursuing certification in elementary or secondary teaching are required to declare and complete an Education Major in conjunction with their academic major. You must formally declare your Education major through your Banner account. Hence:

Elementary Education

  • English major, Elementary Education Emphasis
  • Education major (formerly professional program)
  • Elementary teaching minor (formerly the distributed minor)

Secondary Education

  • English major, Secondary Education Emphasis
  • Education major (formerly professional program)
  • Teachable Minor (see list of approved teachable minors)

Writing 305
As of Fall 2011, WRT 305 will no longer be required for graduation. Only students who are graduating in April or August of 2011 must satisfy the WRT 305 requirement. They may do this in one of three ways:

  • Write to and request a waiver based on "B or better" grades in WRT 150 and one SWS course
  • Submit a portfolio of your writing for evaluation;
  • take WRT 305 and earn a "C" or better.
  • Please note that the writing exam option is no longer available.

Sections of WRT 305 will be available in Spring and Summer 2011. All waiver requests based on WRT 150/SWS grades or by portfolio review must be complete by June 15, 2011. All students graduating in December 2011 or later will not need to satisfy the junior-level writing requirement. More.

Theme Courses
As of Winter 2011, you need only need two courses in your theme, not three.

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