Software & Technical Support Resources for Engineering Students


STRATUS is a collection of servers hosting a remote Windows desktop environment. The engineering department uses STRATUS to provide access to professional grade applications that would otherwise be cost or resource prohibitive for students.

You can find more information and guides about STRATUS on the HPC Support team's service desk.


Technical Support for Engineering Computer Labs and Systems

STRATUS and the computer labs in Kennedy, Keller and the Innovation Design Center (IDC) are managed by GVSU's High Performance Computing (HPC) team. This team is separate from the campus IT team that provides other GVSU services you’re probably more familiar with.


Knowledge Base and Guides

On the HPC service desk and knowledge base, you can find troubleshooting help by searching your error message or find walkthrough guides and videos to help you get started. The Service Desk can also be used to submit request to the HPC team.


Contacting Support

Instead of contacting GVSU Help Desk for a STRATUS or lab related request, you can email or use the “Need to raise a request? Contact us.” button at the bottom of our Service Desk and Knowledge Base guides.


Student Licenses for Engineering Software

While all of the software you need for your engineering classes is freely available in our labs or remotely via our Remote Desktop environment, STRATUS; some students prefer to run certain programs locally on their own personal computers.

For many of the software programs used in the Engineering labs, the licensing agreements only cover GVSU-owned computers and servers. Per these agreements, we are not able to provide licenses for students to install and run software locally on their personal devices.

Students who wish to run these programs locally on their own computers can purchase or obtain their own licenses from the developers—often at a discounted student rate. Further information is in the table below:


Software Title

License Type

Student License Cost

Software Renewal Term


Licensed to student




Licensed to student


6 months


Licensed by GVSU, available to students



MATLAB (with Simulink)

Licensed to student

$99 (additional add-ons available)

Perpetual (Newer releases may require a new purchase)

PADS (HyperLynx)

Licensed to student



SolidWorks Student

Licensed to student



Educational Licensing Terms

Please note that most of these licenses are only for educational purposes only. Using this software for profit would violate the terms of your software agreements.


Support for Student-Purchased Software

Students purchasing their own licenses to run on their own computers will need to seek support from the software vendors/developers. The HPC Support Team is not able to provide support to these software items installed on a personal device.

However, technical support is available for this software when a student uses it within in a provided STRATUS session.


Contact Support

For technical support, contact us at