Chemical Hygiene Plan

Grand Valley State University is committed to providing a safe work environment for the health and well-being of its employees and students. We have developed the Lab Safety and Chemical Hygiene Plan to support that commitment. The Plan contains policies and procedures, prepared in accordance with State of Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) requirements, for the safety and health of faculty and staff while working in laboratories owned or operated by GVSU.

The Plan contains general guidelines and information about GVSUs policies, safe practices, emergency response actions, and reporting forms for general use in any GVSU owned/operated building where there are GVSU employees. It does not contain a copy of the procedures and response actions that apply to specific laboratories within a particular building.  In cases where hazards are such that a Laboratory Specific Plan is necessary, those will be prepared and maintained by either the Laboratory Supervisor or Principal Investigator.

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Faculty and staff, including student employees, working in laboratory areas should become familiar with the information covered in this document. In the event of a lab related emergency, response actions and reporting procedures are documented to assure compliance with regulatory requirements and GVSU policies and procedures. Emergency contact numbers are included and should be posted in each lab.

Although students are not included in the regulatory requirements of the MIOSHA Lab Safety Standard, GVSU expects students who carry out experimental research to become familiar with the basic information contained in this Plan. GVSU has delegated the responsibility for providing students with a safe learning environment to the appropriate academic administrator and faculty and staff who work with or instruct the students in the laboratories. Students are responsible for complying with the rules and regulations established by GVSU for them and their colleagues safety.

Page last modified January 25, 2018