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Mission Statement: To prepare graduate students to become accomplished professionals; to contribute to our professions through active scholarship in all its forms; and to support society with expertise, leadership, and service

Questions may be directed to the Graduate Program Director for Engineering.

Why choose the MSE program at GVSU?

The US job market currently employs 1.6 million engineers. On average, engineering jobs have been growing at a 7% rate in recent years. The median salary for engineers with master’s degrees is 15 - 20% higher than engineers with bachelor’s degrees alone. Besides the dramatic increase in earning potential over a career, engineers with master’s degrees have greater opportunities for career advancement.

The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) degree at GVSU produces engineers with a practical, hands-on, graduate education rooted in a strong theoretical foundation that our industry partners depend on to meet their evolving needs.

Our graduate program is flexible and designed to deepen student's expertise -- offering opportunities for both, the student seeking a more traditional, full-time research-based experience, and the working professional choosing to attend part-time. 

The MSE program prepares students to become technical leaders in their profession as well as strong candidates for doctoral programs. Our graduates go on to work with multinational companies like GE, Stryker, and Ford, as well as smaller local companies like Dornerworks and Twisthink. A growing number of our graduates are also pursuing PhDs at prestigious universities like Penn State, Northwestern, and University of Michigan.

MSE Program Overview

The MSE requires a minimum of 33 credit hours of graduate coursework including emphasis-specific courses, electives, and a culminating experience. Full-time students (9 graduate credits) typically complete their graduate coursework in 4 semesters. 

Each student works with the GPD to plan a course of study tailored to their needs. For students with a non-engineering undergraduate degree, this course plan will include undergraduate prerequisite courses to fill in any knowledge gaps.

Most of our classes are offered in the evening providing convenient scheduling for working professionals.

MSE students can choose to specialize in the following areas:

  1. Biomedical Engineering (BME)
  2. Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
  3. Manufacturing and Design Engineering (MDE)
  4. Mechanical Engineering (ME)


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IDC project

Located in the vibrant heart of downtown Grand Rapids, our MSE program was established in 1998 to meet the increasing demand for engineering talent in West Michigan, one of the fastest growing technical, manufacturing, and industrial regions of the state.

MSE Applicant Information

Applicants to the MSE program must have a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, engineering technology, or a closely related field like Physics, Mathematics, Biomedical Sciences etc. Applicants must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Applicants must submit an essay, three letters of reference, their official transcripts, and a resume.

International applicants must also submit satisfactory GRE scores (≥300 for verbal+quant, ≥ 2.5 in writing) and show evidence of proficiency in English via TOEFL (≥ 80), IELTS (≥ 6.5), Duolingo (≥ 110), or ME Lab. More information for international applicants can be found here.

GVSU is one of the very few universities to offer any funding at the Master's level via Graduate Assistantships (full or half).  All funding decisions are made separate from the admissions decision and there is no separate application that needs to be filled out for funding consideration. Funding decisions are made on a merit basis by the committee after it has reviewed all the admitted students. GAs help support the teaching mission of our program by working in the labs, supporting the first-year engineering sequence, and helping our outreach efforts.

More information about the MSE program.

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MSE Program Plan




First Year

*EGR 600 Adv Engineering Analysis OR EGR 670 Sys Physiology for Engineers (3 cr)

*EGR 604 Implementation and Measurement (3 cr)

*EGR 6xx/5xx Emphasis Area Course (3 or 4 cr)

*EGR 602 Ethics and Professionalism (3 cr)

*EGR 6xx/5xx Emphasis Area Course (3 or 4 cr)

*EGR 6xx/5xx Emphasis Area Course (3 or 4 cr)

Second Year

*EGR 6xx Emphasis Area Course (3 cr)

*EGR 6xx Emphasis/Elective Area Course (3 cr)

*EGR 695/693 Master's Thesis/Project (variable 1 - 6 cr)

*EGR 695/693 Master's Thesis/Project (variable 1 - 6 cr)


*EGR 686 Capstone Design Project (3 cr)

  • Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher each semester. 
  • No more than three EGR 5xx classes may be applied towards the MSE degree.
  • Students may choose to complete EGR 685 Graduate Practicum (3 cr) in the summer.
  • Three options for culminating experience are EGR 693 Master's Project (6 cr), EGR 695 Master's Thesis (6 cr), or EGR 686 Capstone Design Project (3 cr).
  • EGR 600 and 604 are not required for Combined students or graduates of our BSE program. 


Catalog Information for the MSE Program

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Graduate Program Options for Engineering

Combined BSE/MSE Program

The combined degree program offer students the opportunity to complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree, meeting their unique personal, academic, and career goals. Pursuing a combined degree program can reduce the cost and total time required to complete both degrees, since up to 12 credits taken at the bachelor's level and price can be counted towards the master's degree.

Only current GVSU engineering students are eligible to apply for the Combined BSE/MSE Program.

Learn more about the Combined BSE/MSE Program

Current GVSU students in related majors such as BMS, Physics, and Math can explore combined BS/MSE degrees via the Student-Initiated Combined Degree Programs.

Accelerated MSE Program ("Faster Master") & Non-Degree Seeking

The MSE program can be completed in three semesters/one academic year via a 12/12/9 course credit format to complete the necessary 33 credits. Earlier degree completion allows students to start earning earlier and recoup their program costs faster.

Learn more about the Accelerated MSE Program

Applicants who have a BSE degree and are not enrolled in the MSE program can take graduate engineering classes at GVSU as a non-degree seeking student. A maximum of 12 credits hours taken as non-degree may be applied to a future MSE degree.


Learn more about the Non-Degree seeking Graduate Status

Graduate Badges

A digital badge, or badge, is a record of achievement that recognizes a student's completion of a coherent and meaningful academic experience.

Engineering offers graduate badges in two areas:

Electromagnetic Compatibility Badge

An 8-credit badge designing electronic products that can be successfully tested for EMC compliance.

Embedded Systems Badge 

An 8-credit badge that integrates hardware and software to design microcontroller-based applications

Admissions to complete a digital badge is open to both degree and non-degree seeking domestic students, and degree seeking international students. If you are not currently a GVSU student, start your application here.

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