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  • All Laboratory computers in Padnos, Henry, and Kindschi Hall of Science.
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For Faculty - The form is available off-campus via the faculty staff VPN access.  

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Please see instructions for use on a Mac or PC

What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a document that contains information on the potential health effects of exposure and how to work safely with the chemical product. It contains hazard evaluations on the use, storage, handling and emergency procedures all related to that material. It is intended to tell what the hazards of the product are, how to use the product safely, what to expect if the recommendations are not followed, what to do if accidents occur, how to recognize symptoms of overexposure, and what to do if such incidents occur.

SDSs should be the first source of information about the hazards associated with a chemical.

Global Harmonizing System - What the pictograms mean?

The 9 Pictogram Chart

Pictogram chart

Example GHS Label

GHS Label Example
SDS Titles

Did you know the SDS Database houses the over 4000 titles.


To have an SDS for every chemical in inventory it would take over 20 file cabinets to store every piece of paper.

Would like to fully comply with inventory?

If you would like the college to manage your SDS Please contact Aaron Perry for instructions on how to start.

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