Fall 2022 Master's Presentations

December 09, 2022

Fall 2022 Master's Presentations

Fall Semester 2022

School of Computing Master’s Presentations

Thursday, December 15, 2022


The final presentations will take place on December 15th from 8:00am - 12:00pm in DCIH 102 .


7:30am – Room will be open for poster set-up and time for students to have a snack/coffee before

                presentations begin.


8:00am – CIS 693 students will begin presenting their Master’s Project PowerPoints in 3 to 5 minute

                lightning rounds in the following order:


                              Eric Schoenborn – Project Advisor: Dr. Byron Devries

                              “Hybrid Life Cycles in Software Development”


                              Abdul Hadi – Project Advisor: Dr. Xinli Wang

                              “Comparison of AI model performance for malware detection”


                              Joseph U. Ohaeche – Project Advisor: Dr. Xinli Wang

                              “Automating Penetration Testing Along with OWASP And CVE Standards”


                              Namratha Suraneni – Project Advisor: Dr. Xinli Wang

                              “Malware Detection and Analysis”


                              Griffin Going – Project Advisor: Dr. Erik Fredericks

                              “Muse: A Genetic Algorithm for Musical Chord Progression Generation”


                              Naveen Kumar Lalam – Project Advisor: Dr. Robert Adams

                              “Travel Dashboard”


                              Parashuram Singaraveni – Project Advisor: Dr. Robert Adams

                              “COVID-19 Prediction Using Machine Learning”


                              Damanpreet Singh – Project Advisor: Dr. Robert Adams

                              “Curriculum Development in Technical Education for Boys and Girls Club”


                              James VanderZouwen – Project Advisor: Dr. Robert Adams

                              “Curriculum Development for a Course in DevOps”


                              Hyeong Gyu Jang – Project Advisor: Dr. Gregory Wolffe/Dr. Jonathan Leidig

                              “Building a Deep Model for Multi-class Coral Species Discrimination”


                              David Tonning – Project Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Leidig

                              “Exploring Coral Reefs with Interactive Geospatial Visualizations”


                              Ashwin Rajasankar – Project Advisor: Dr. Jagadeesh Nandigam

                              “Big Data Analytics of Medical Data”


9:30am – Our CIS 690 student will begin presenting for 10 minutes with a 15 minute allotment for a

                Q&A immediately following his presentation.


                              Grant Alphenaar – Advising Committee: Dr. Rahat Ibn Rafiq, Dr. Erik Fredericks, Dr. Gregory Wolffe

                            "Predicting New Course Success on a Massive Open Online Course Platform"


10:00am – Poster presentations will be displayed along the perimeter of the room. This last hour will

                  be time for faculty and guests to roam around the room to ask questions of the CIS 693



12:00pm – Room will close.


Information on how to participate with this semester’s remote presenters:

This semester we have three MS students that are finishing their degree while working outside of

Grand Rapids. We have arranged for them to present their final presentations remotely. Below you

will find the student, their title and abstract (attached), a link to a recorded video presentation, and

a link to a Zoom meeting for Q&A. Watch the YouTube presentations sometime between now and

Thursday, December 15th. On Thursday, December 15 each student will hold a Q&A session

for 1 hour between 1pm and 2pm EST in their Zoom meeting. If you’d like to engage with them

and ask them questions, feel free to join during that time.


Harikrishna Gonuguntla – Project Advisor: Dr. Jagadeesh Nandigam


Zoom Q&A:


Vivekananda Marellali – Project Advisor: Dr. Jagadeesh Nandigam


Zoom Q&A:


Akash Shrestha – Project Advisor: Dr. Jagadeesh Nandigam


Zoom Q&A:

Meeting ID: 804 977 1159

Passcode: 815347


Thank you for supporting our graduate computing students.

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