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SCIS Graduate Works With Clients Worldwide

August 28, 2019

SCIS Graduate Works With Clients Worldwide

Mohamed Azuz graduated from GVSU with a BS in Information Systems and a minor in Business (2015) and a MS in CIS (2017). Since graduating from GVSU Mohamed joined Dynatrace as an Enablement Services Architect. He has been working with Dynatrace customers worldwide over the past couple of years. His responsibilities involve setting up the monitoring of multi-tiered applications in data centers and multi-cloud environments, developing custom tools that address client needs and engaging with DevOps teams, app developers, and interfacing with network operations centers and executives to provide critical application performance data. He is also responsible for assessing the enterprise infrastructure of clients. He does this by studying new application architectures and the hardware (or the cloud) they are deployed on, and coming up with a proper implementation plan for end-to-end monitoring. He recently was recognized twice by the Dynatrace CEO, receiving two awards. To-date Mohamed has completed six different industry certificates. Mohamed’s current home base is Denver Colorado, though he also travels to Silicon Valley now and then.

When asked how his studies at GVSU School of CIS helped prepare him for a successful career at Dynatrace, Mohamed indicated that when he first started studying at GVSU, mobile app development and hybrid cloud environments were just starting to become mainstream in industry. Learning from SCIS faculty about newly emerging technologies in the field during his time at GVSU was very exciting and helpful to him. As a graduate student, he learned a lot about mobile development by working as a graduate assistant in the then GVSU Mobile Applications and Services Lab (now known as the GVSU Applied Computing Institute). He also helped a couple of his CIS faculty write a book on mobile app development. Mohamed states that the diversity of his experiences and relationships with his faculty at GVSU helped him stand out when interviewing for professional internships and positions.

Mohamed advises current and future GVSU students to begin building their community and network as soon as possible. Surround yourselves with motivated and intelligent people, get to know and involved in your professors’ research interests, take advantages of all the opportunities GVSU provides to connect and network with professionals in your field.

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