Senior Spotlight

December 20, 2023

Senior Spotlight

Meet Anna Rabe, one of our valued Python Wave Student Ambassadors, who recently graduated with a bachelor's in computer science with duo minors in computing engineering and mathematics.  


How did you choose GVSU?

When comparing the options, a few things sold me on my decision to attend: the emphasis on experiential, project-based learning, the beauty of Michigan's west-side, and the amount of available scholarships!


How did you choose your major? 

I have always had a passion for finding solutions to complex problems and learning languages (both programming and non-programming languages). 

Both the analytical and creative opportunities in this field were very appealing, and I am so happy I chose it! It's unique to have a job where you

will always be learning, growing, and creating.


Do you have any advice for prospective students?

You get as much out of your classes as you put into them. If you challenge yourself to perform higher and learn more, you will. This gives you a comparative advantage once you're preparing to enter industry. Don't be satisfied with completing or learning the minimum, and you will get your money's worth in education. 


How do you plan to use your degree?

I will be working as a Backend Java Developer at Auto-Owners Insurance! Other than that, I plan to continue to grow my development skill set. 


Anna, we wish you happiness and success in all your pursuits!


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