All computing students are given web storage space on the EOS system separate from their home directory.  From this web space students may host personal web sites.  Our system serves pages from the users personal /WEB_STUDENT directory, using an Apache server.  PHP is also installed for students wishing to write PHP scripts or to use frameworks for quickly developing apps.  Please note that hosting illegal or illicit content, as well as sharing copyrighted materials is not allowed, and sites found to be violating our policies will be removed immediately with no warning.

To host a personal site, if you are enrolled in a CIS course, we have already created a user folder for you. Login to an EOS computer, and change directories to /WEB_STUDEN/your_userID/.

You can place your web pages into this directory. If you do not find a directory for your userID at this location, please send an email to [email protected] to request a web directory.


To access a user’s web page, the address is:


Page last modified September 14, 2022