Mr. Craig Clay

Craig Clay

Contact Information

E-mail Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: (616) 331-4217

Research Interests

Processes, workflow, and ease of user interface

Technology Training

Healthcare Technology

Educational/Presentation/Event Technology

Media/Communications Technology

Space Technology (purely interest)

Professional Activities

Communications Media Management Association

Comprehensive Office365/Windows 10

Administration and application use training

Toyota LEAN certified trainer (application in Healthcare-IT)

Stand Up and be Effective trainer

Association for Continuing and Higher Education former member EE and Computer Society

Personal Interests

Being a dad.

Coaching, soccer, swimming, bicycling, camping, fishing, gaming.

Volunteer Lighthouse Keeper (Sabel Points Lighthouse Keepers Association)

Road trips to off the grid locales

Teaching Interests

CIS 101

CIS 150

CIS 221

CIS 231

CIS 339

CIS 450

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