Dr. D. Robert Adams

Robert Adams

Contact Information

E-mail Address: [email protected]

Phone Number: (616) 331-3885

Research Interests

Procedural content generation for games

Computational musicology

Digital humanities

Professional Activities

Graduate program director for MS Applied Computer Science

Personal Interests

Music (violin, mandolin, guitar, bagpipes)

Dance (contra, ceilidh)

Art (watercolor, pen and ink)

Board games (mainly Eurostyle)

Teaching Interests

CIS 162 Computer Science I

CIS 163 Computer Science II

CIS 467 Computer Science Project

Recent Publications

Research with Students

"Book Club Kit Reservation System for Public Libraries and Their Patrons". (2021). Advised: V. Hoang

"A Turn-based strategy game that uses cryptocurrency for in-game purchases". (2021). Advised: T. Nguyen

"A Web App to Teach Web Accessibility". (2020). Advised: D. Newell

"Artificial Intelligence - Modularity with Behavior Trees". (2020). Advised: A. Vuong

Grants and Fellowships

2020   Glenn A. Niemeyer Award, Grand Valley State University

2018   Fulbright Scholar to FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria 

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