Computing Linux Lab/EOS Accounts

Starting for the Fall 2021 semester, the CIS Labs now use the same GVSU account students, faculty, and staff use for Banner, Blackboard, Email, etc. There will be no separate password needed for logging into these labs.

If a student is enrolled in a CIS course in the current semester, they will automatically have access to the CIS Linux Labs—but only for the duration of that semester.

If a student needs to update their password, that can be done through the GVSU Password Reset page.


The EOS system provides database access to those students who need them for a class or a project. Database accounts are automatically created for a student when they are in a class that needs them. Other access can be requested by contacting the HPC support team at [email protected].


We use Oracle 19c Version version

Oracle accounts are limited to 500Mb of table space.

Access to Oracle can be made through a command prompt or web browser. To access Oracle from the command prompt, log in to an EOS machine and type:

sqlplus userid@orcl

Oracle will then ask for your password.

Your username is the same as your GVSU Network ID, your password is your username + last four digits of G-number.

Oracle also implements a JDBC interface for any language to connect with.

Further information about using java to connect to Oracle is beyond the scope of this document.

For more information, see Oracle’s documentation.

Page last modified February 6, 2024