Club Sport Funding Request Form 23-24

This form is for club sports to request funding for expenses in the 2023-2024 academic year. All requests will be reviewed by Club Sports Executive Committee.  Clubs must be in good standing for their requests to be presented

Budget Requests must be accompanied by current bank statements, invoices, confirmations, and URL links (if applicable).

Club Sports may request funding for;

  • Equipment 
  • Facility Rental (off-campus spaces)
  • League/Conference Fees 
  • Coaching Fees 
  • Travel (gas, lodging, vehicle rental, charter bus)

Club Sports Administration and the Club Sports Committee may deny a request for various reasons including, but not limited to; lack of available funding, failure to submit supporting documentation, or a low need/priority for the club. Club's may appeal the request being denied by e-mail [email protected] for reasons of reconsideration. 

* denotes a required field

General Club Information

Budget Overview

Click here to download a sample budget overview sheet

Please be sure your budget sheet is as accurate as possible. This information is reviewed by the executive committee as a supporting document to your request.  

Request Information

Funding Request Category *


Equipment cannot be for individuals, only team equipment is eligible and will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of ineligible equipment requests: 

  • Clothing (including competitive uniforms)
  • "Short lifespan" Equipment (soccer balls, baseball/softballs, dodgeballs, basketballs, volleyballs, lacrosse balls, etc.)
  • Any equipment that GVSU lacks the storage space for (i.e. golf carts, boats, trailers, etc.)

If you have questions on what would be an eligible request, please contact Club Sports Administration.

If the equipment quote is over $5,000, please provide quotes from three (3) companies and reasoning for selecting the company in an email to [email protected]

Facility Rental

Contact the Facility Representative prior to submitting this form to confirm.

League/Conference/Competition/Camp Fees

Coaching Fees

All coaches are paid with Fringe Benefits. This exact amount can be calculated and included in the request, if needed. Fringe benefits are typically 8.64% of the salary paid to a coach (i.e. a coach may be allocated $1,500.00, but the university must pay the individual $1,629.56 to cover the Fringe Benefits). 


What type of travel funding is being requested? *

Additional Information

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