Affiliate faculty have governance committees at the college (CAFAC) and university (AFAC) levels.  You can find information about both on this page.

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To learn more about nominations and approval voting, please see our Nominations and Voting Process page.

Affiliate Faculty Election for 2019

Winter Election 

CLAS Faculty Council is running the Winter semester election to fill the 6 seats opening on the CLAS Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee (4 seats)  and the University Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee (2 seats). 


Nominations will be available to affiliate faculty through the Ballot webpage (GVSU login and Password) beginning Wednesday, Jan 23 at 8am and ending Feb 6 at 5pm.  When nominating, input the faculty member’s 8 character email address (without into the textbox in the ballot webpage. This time, you should be able to see the names of faculty who have accepted nominations to the respective committee.  If there are enough nominations, the vote will begin on Friday Feb 8 at 8am and will remain open for 1 week (until Feb 15 at 5am).  If the number of nominations does not allow every seat to be filled, nominations will be extended.


You can find information about these 2 committees (day and time they meet as well as their responsibilities) on this Committee information document for affiliates or by entering the ballot itself.  


Feel free to nominate an affiliate faculty colleagues or yourself for one of these open seats (or interested parties can self nominate: nominations are anonymous).  Please talk with your unit head about the possibility of serving on these affiliate faculty committees.  


CLAS Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee

Regular meeting hours are 1-2:30 pm, first and third Fridays, PAD 308


Julie White is the Chair

Marcia Frobish is Vice Chair

Sarah Mather is Recorder.

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Ballot  (this link will become live on the date announced.)

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