GVSU Student Volunteers

Ms. Shannon



What is a Student Volunteer?

A GVSU student who volunteers time at the Children's Enrichment Center will learn redirection methods, ways to be proactive vs. reactive to typical preschool behavior. They will also shadow education practitioners in a literacy rich program.


How the Program Works

We ask that students commit to volunteer for at least one semester with a minimum of two hours a week at the Children's Enrichment Center. All volunteers are required to have a TB test, it is the volunteer's responsibility to schedule and pay for the test. Those interested in volunteering should contact the CEC to make an appointment to complete an application and schedule an orientation. Please email Ms. Jenny @ evertje@gvsu.edu or call 616-331-5437 to schedule an appointment.


While the Children's Enrichment Center maintains licensing ratios, it is always beneficial to have extra eyes and ears to tend to the many demands of the young children served. Secondly, GVSU students will benefit by taking an active role in a service learning project that calls for active participation.

Page last modified February 23, 2018