"Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction"

(E.O. Wilson) 

Grand Valley State University's campus is our outdoor classroom

Outdoor Classroom Experiences
Children playing outside on a slide
Outdoor Classroom Experiences

The Children's Enrichment Center's unique location provides diverse and engaging learning experiences for Little Lakers

As we explore Grand Valley State University, Little Lakers learn about our beautiful campus' buildings and green spaces (i.e., nature trails, ponds, ravines, and wildlife). While on our adventures, Little Lakers will meet University professionals and students. We are always excited to make a new friend!


Little Lakers learn through exploring and observing nature

Locations we enjoy:

The Arboretum

Zumberg Hall - Pond

Laker Village - Nature Trails

Zumberg Hall - Nature Trail

South Ravine - Nature Trails

CEC Student Looking Up

Little Lakers experience hands-on education

Locations we enjoy: 

Art Gallery

Clock Tower 

Kirkhof Center

Mary Idema Pew Library

Wellness and Recreation Center

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