Outstanding Mentor to Students Award

The College of Education and Community Innovation Outstanding Mentor to Students Award honors an individual's commitment to developing and fostering opportunities that expand access and remove barriers that prevent students from achieving their educational and career goals.

Award Eligibility

Full-time tenured, tenure-track, affiliate, visitor, and administrative professional (AP)

Award Criteria

This award is based on the following criteria, which are not ranked by order of importance or exhaustive:​

  • Mentors students to expand access and remove barriers to academic, personal development, and/or professional development.
  • Students express appreciation for the candidate's support.
  • Advises a student or students through their theses, major projects, research, or community collaborations; or
  • Actively serves as an advisor for a student organization with notable accomplishments.
Kathryn Ohle, 2023 Outstanding Mentor Award Recipient

2023 Outstanding Mentor Award Recipient
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