Global Awareness Collaborative Colloquium

Every term, the Global Awareness Collaborative Colloquium (GACC) showcases a distinct area of the globe. Spanning multiple days, sites, formats, and spheres of interest, each GACC offers a deep dive into a region's culture, topography, and historical narrative. The roster of events varies, featuring webinars with international panelists, retrospectives on study abroad journeys, academic presentations, trivia contests, film viewings, tech demos, fashion shows, and poetry recitals. The subjects are diverse, with past discussions encompassing music, cultural practices, ecological responsibility, educational systems, media literacy, philanthropy, and history.  

Fall 2024: Armenia

Grand Valley Orchestra, Wed, Oct 16, 2024, 7:30pm Louis Armstrong Theatre, Allendale Campus

Winter 2025: Japan

Grand Valley Orchestra, Wed, Feb 19, 2025, 7:30pm Louis Armstrong Theatre, Allendale Campus

Past Colloquia

Fall 2023 - Czechia

Winter 2024 - Ghana

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