Getting Started


The interview by the Department Unit Head begins the "First Steps" in making you an adjunct faculty member at Grand Valley State University.  After the interview, the Department Unit Head will notify the CECI Dean's Office of your hire and course assignment.  Form there, the following steps and processes will take place to secure your position.

  • Unit Head obtains CV or resume, and sends the signed/completed Faculty Qualifications Assurance form (and Graduate Faculty Approval, if applicable) to the CECI Dean’s Office.
  • Dean’s Office collects all hiring forms and processes these with the appropriate units. Forms include: Form I-9, Tax Withholding Forms, Direct Deposit, notarized Instructor Oath, and Candidate Credential Summary Form.
  • Once all hiring forms are submitted, an appointment letter is sent to the adjunct faculty via email. Appointment letter acceptance via email is preferred.
  • Once the appointment letter acceptance and all completed hiring forms have been received, HR and IT will create an employee identification number (G#), a network account, and a Blackboard account.
  • Academic Department Coordinators may assist new faculty with temporary Blackboard access while awaiting the receipt/processing of hiring forms. 
  • Instructions on how to request a parking permit are included with the appointment letter. A G# is required to request a parking permit.

Page last modified July 12, 2022