Faculty Governance

University and College Committee Representation

Governance & Bylaws Task Force

Adopted College Governance Bylaws

CECI College Bylaws Sections

Adopted by vote on March 1-3, 2022.

Sections A, D, E, F (including Faculty Governance bylaws)

Approved by regular faculty: 46 – Yes, 4 – No, 3 – Abstain

Section D (Affiliate and Visiting Faculty Committee bylaws)

Approved by affiliate and visiting faculty: 14 – Yes, 1 – N, 1 – Abstain

Section E (Staff Committee bylaws)

Approved by staff: 20 – Yes, 1 – N, 0 – Abstain

Section F (Advisory and Communications Committee bylaws)

Approved by all faculty and staff: 77 – Yes, 7 – N, 6 – Abstain


David Bair (LEFT)
Trenton Beamon (UAC)
Jason Cronkrite (OCA)
Patty Janes (SPNHTM)
Sean Lancaster, Co-chair (LEFT)
Jamie Langlois, Co-chair (SSW)
Jina Lee (SCCJLS)
Huafang Li (SPNHTM)
Clayton Pelon (CEP)
Sally Pelon (SSW)
Greg Warsen (ELC)

College Personnel Committees

Proposed Faculty Personnel Standards

Adopted College Personnel Committee Bylaws

CECI Proposed Bylaws Section B

Adopted by vote of the regular faculty March 1-3, 2022

42 – Yes, 8 – No, 3 – Abstain


Following the language in the proposed bylaws, each CPC seat would be carried over from COE and CCPS. Four seats would be eliminated at the end of the current term, or upon resignation of the holder. The number of seats would begin at 11 next year, then gradually be reduced to 7 by 2025-26.  

illustration of CPC terms

Community & Public Service Faculty CPC:

Jackie Doyon-Martin, Chair (SCCJLS)
Melissa Villareal (at-large) 
Michael Scantlebury (SPNHTM)
Cray Mulder (SSW)
Priscilla Kimboko (SPNHTM)

Education Faculty CPC:

Cindi Smith, Chair (at-large) 
Rick Geisel (ELC)
David Bair (LEFT)
Erica Hamilton (LEFT)
Sherie Klee (T&L)

College Curriculum Committees

Adopted College Curriculum Committee Bylaws

CECI College Bylaw Section C (requires approval by regular faculty)

Adopted by vote of the regular faculty March 1-3, 2022

46 – Yes, 4 – No, 3 – Abstain

Following the language in the proposed bylaws, each CCC seat was assigned an initial term length. For this assignment Amy Shilling and Michelle Wooddell used a random name generator. The results were that the affiliate faculty, first at-large, and SCCJLS seats were assigned a one-year initial term. The second at-large, LEFT and SSW seats were assigned a two-year initial term. The ELC, SPNHTM, and T&L seats were assigned a three-year initial term. These initial terms would all be on the ballot in Winter 2022. All subsequent terms would be for three years.   



Diagram of terms on CCC

Community & Public Service Faculty CCC:

Jaclyn Cwick (at-large)
Kristen Jack  (SPNHTM)
Jennifer Marson (SCCJLS)            
Melissa Villarreal (SSW)         
Michelle Wooddell, Chair (SPNHTM)

Education Faculty CCC:

Nancy DeFrance (LEFT)
Daisy Fredricks  (T&L)
Gabriela Gui, Chair  (ELC)
Leanne Kang  (LEFT)
Laila McCloud (at-large)

Mission, Vision & Values Task Force

Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

Adopted by vote of faculty and staff February 9 -11, 2022


Educating leaders and professionals to engage, enrich, and transform communities.

Approved with 85 – Yes, 3 – No, 1 – Abstain


The College of Education and Community Innovation (CECI) embodies principles of democracy, high ethical standards, diversity and active engagement. CECI builds upon the wisdom, goals, and life experiences of our learners and community partners.  We will establish an open and creative culture that welcomes innovative scholarship and service where every CECI student, faculty, and staff are successful contributors.  Within this culture we will nurture key innovations, bolster community capacity, and inculcate leaders with the appreciation of applied knowledge towards improved and healthy communities.

Approved with 80 – Yes, 7 – No, 2 – Abstain


  • Interdisciplinary and Lifelong Learning
  • Teaching Excellence, Applied Scholarship, and Service
  • Ethical Leadership and Democratic Governance
  • Collegial Culture
  • Strategic Innovation for Improvement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Inclusive Society, Social Justice, and Social Responsibility

Approved with 81 – Yes, 5 – No, 3 – Abstain


Rosemary Cleveland (Senior Affiliate Faculty)
Nagnon Diarrassouba (Associate Professor)
Lara Jaskiewicz (Associate Professor)
Raymond Higbea, Co-chair (School Director)
Lisa Norris (Placement Specialist)
Rui Niu-Cooper (Associate Professor)
John Walsh (Professor)
Gregory Warsen, Co-chair (Assistant Professor)

Bylaws of CECI's two predecessor colleges

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