Community Engagement Initiative Award

The College of Education and Community Innovation Community Engagement Initiative Award recognizes a community-university initiative that is exemplary in its efforts to design a strong two-way relationship of shared power and decision-making.  The initiative itself is the award recipient.  The organization will be the recipient of the award, which will be given in the name of the GVSU members engaged in the initiative.

Award Eligibility

An initiative that includes a community partner(s) and may be curricular, co-curricular, or a combination of both.

Award Criteria

This award is based on the following criteria, which are not ranked by order of importance or exhaustive:

  • An emphasis on reciprocal relationships as opposed to individual contributions.
  • Participatory planning, shared agreement, and identification of mutually beneficial environmental, social, educational, and/or economic outcomes.
  • Community assets have been identified and value is placed on community voice.
  • Ongoing dialogue about the sustainability of the initiative.
  • Students are involved.
Juvenile Justice Vision 20/20, 2023 Community Engagement Award Recipient

2023 Community Engagement Award Recipient

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