Parallel Planning FAQs

I met with my academic advisor, do I need to meet with a career advisor?
Working with both your academic advisor and career advisor can be very beneficial in your career planning.  Both advisors will help you stay on track academically, and also help you move forward in your professional development

Do I have to change my major at a parallel planning appointment?
No. Parallel planning is intended to help students set up an alternative academic and career plan in case a student does not get admitted into a secondary admit program, or changes their mind about their career plans.  Students can strategically pursue more than one academic/career path while completing their courses at GVSU.  You can work with your academic and career advisors when deciding if you want to change your major.

I like classes in other subject areas, but I’m not sure what I can do with other majors.
Many majors can lead to various career paths.  Career advisors can help you to explore career opportunities inside and outside of your major.  In addition to your classes, getting experience outside of the classes through opportunities such as internships, volunteering, part-time work, research experience, etc. can help you to build your resume.   

I think I want to set up a parallel plan, but I’m not sure.
That’s ok, still make an appointment.  A career advisor will help you to explore your options and provide you with information and resources to help you make your decision.  Make an appointment as soon as possible as it can take time to decide your plans.

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Page last modified February 10, 2015