Tips for Engaging With Career Explorers

The Career Center has been working to help increase your future talent pipeline! Our message to students to Connect Early, Connect Often with GVSU Career Center, is out and it’s working!  We have seen a significant increase in the number of first– and second-year students visiting our office and attending career-related events. 

As a result, we believe you will have a chance to Connect Early, Connect Often with GVSU students who are:

  • Developing career plans earlier therefore more likely to participate in one, two or even three internships during their college career.
  • Seeking more interactions with employers increasing the chance to fill your talent pipeline and build your on-campus brand with students across all disciplines.
  • Exploring potential career fields and open to the influence of industry experts; students don’t know what they don’t know.  It is often an initial connection with a professional that guides them toward a company or career path.

Recognizing Career Fair is a big screening day to fill your open internships and positions, we would like to offer the following suggestions for connecting quickly with our first– and second-year students.

  • One of their fears is that they will appear “stupid” or feel like they are wasting your time. Reassure them that you are impressed they took initiative to start exploring careers early.  “Wow, great job getting here as a freshman.”  (If they have a good experience at Career Fair, they are more likely to return in the future when they are further into their education.)
  • Consider having a piece of literature that you will hand career explorers with a prompt on what to research and how to follow-up.  “Here is the link for our company website.  Read through the section on internships and if you have questions, here is the name of someone who can help you answer them via phone or email.” (The students who do take the time to follow up are likely the type of young professional you would like to connect with early.)
  • Once you’ve established that a student is an explorer vs. a current candidate, invite the student to share a “fun fact” about themselves and in turn give them a “fun fact” about your organization or your own career. This will develop the students’ ability to engage with professionals and have a positive Career Fair experience.  (Ultimately increasing your talent pipeline.)

Page last modified September 21, 2016