Tips to Using Big Interview

  • Video Length: Videos should be at least 45 seconds - 2 minutes long.
  • Buffering: Any sort of buffering issues or lag like this is usually related to your internet connection and might interfere with the recording process. Try moving closer to your WiFi router, or resetting it by unplugging it and plugging it back in. If that doesn't resolve things for you, could you run a Speed Test for me at and let me know the results?
  • Mobile Devices: We don't currently support using your camera on Mobile Devices and Tablets. You can still, however, view the entire video + written lesson curriculum. 
  • Here is a link that will walk you through the Recording & Saving Process:
  • And here is a link that will show you how to Review & Share your videos:
  • Please note that you must make your video "Visible" in order for your instructor to view and rate them.

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Page last modified February 15, 2017