Bus Service - Holidays/Breaks/Closures

When classes are not in session the bus may be running on limited "Break Service". Break service includes two routes - route 85 for apartment loop, and the Laker Line route between Allendale and Downtown Grand Rapids. Both pick up at Kirkhof Center on Allendale Campus, so be sure to check the sign outside for route info/name.

Listed below are dates that buses are NOT in service or are on Break Service Schedule (limited service). We frequently update this page with a list of dates surrounding upcoming breaks/holidays to let you know if the bus is running.

Please note that in the event of a snow day during the cold-weather season, the buses will be running on limited inclement weather service. Laker Line will service Grand Rapids campus to Allendale campus and Routes 85, 37 and 48 will serve Allendale off-campus apartment complexes.

Route Schedule & Frequency:

Monday - Friday:

  • Route LL (Campus to Campus) - (minimal service frequency changes as of August 2021) refer to date listings below
  • Route 85 (Off-Campus Apartment Shuttle) - (typically 25 min service) refer to date listings below

Saturday - Sunday: "Break Service" may not be available on weekends - please refer to listings by date (below)

NOTE: Transitions / Move-In Week in August the buses run on an extended break schedule





  • Saturday, 3/5/22 - Normal Schedule
  • Sunday, 3/6/22 - Normal Schedule
  • Monday, 3/7/22 - Friday, 3/11/22 - Laker Line / 85 (Break Schedule)
  • Saturday, 3/12/22 - Normal Schedule
  • Sunday, 3/13/22 - Normal Schedule





  • Saturday, 5/28/22 - Sunday, 5/29/22 - Normal Schedule
  • Monday, 5/30/22 - No GVSU Bus Service
  • Tuesday, 5/31/22 - Normal Schedule



  • Saturday, 7/2/22 - Sunday, 7/3/22 - Normal Schedule
  • Monday, 7/4/22 - No GVSU Bus Service
  • Tuesday, 7/5/22 - Normal Schedule



  • August - TBD


Which schedule do I refer to?

Fall / Winter Semesters (in general, first day of class to end of exam week, with exceptions below)

  • Dates of "Holidays/Break Service" to include:
    • Fall Semester:
      • Labor Day (no GVSU service)
      • GVSU Fall Break (break/reduced GVSU service)
      • Thanksgiving (no GVSU service)
      • December Semester Break (break/reduced GVSU service)
      • Christmas Eve through New Years Day (no GVSU service entire period)
      • Days prior to start of Winter Semester (break/reduced GVSU service)
    • Winter Semester:
      • Martin Luther King Jr Recess (break/reduced GVSU service - 20 min svc from 8a-5p)
      • GVSU Spring Break (break/reduced GVSU service)
      • Semester Break prior to start of Spring Semester (break/reduced GVSU service)

Spring / Summer Semesters (in general, first day of class to end of exam week, with exceptions below)

  • Dates of "Holidays/Break Service" to include:
    • Spring Semester:
      • Memorial Day (no GVSU service)
    • Summer Semester:
      • Independence Day (no GVSU service)
      • Semester Break prior to start of Fall Semester (break/reduced GVSU service)
      • Transitions/Move-In (extended break service)

Route Information:

Transfer Opportunities:

  • There are a number of opportunities available to access Central Station by connecting on another route (see suggestions below). All Rapid routes are still FREE with valid GVSU I.D.
  • Transfer to Silver Line (SL/#90) at several downtown Grand Rapids locations: Michigan & Bostwick, DeVos Place, Monroe & Louis 
  • Just south of Seidman Center (on Butterworth/Lexington/Front SW) transfer to #12 (West Fulton). Please note Front St stop is inbound only.
  • Just north of DeVos Center (at Seward Ramp), at Lake Michigan Dr. & Seward Ave. you can transfer to bus #9 (Alpine) or DASH West. Please note after 8/21/20 the Rt 50 bus will no longer stop at Seward Ramp.
  • At Meijer (at Lake Michigan Dr. and Wilson Ave.) you can transfer to #7 (West Leonard) or #12 (West Fulton). Stop for the 7 and 12 is on the south end of the parking lot.

Featured Stops on this Route:

  • Pew Campus - Fulton St between Keller Engineering and DeVos Center, various downtown Grand Rapids stops, GVSU Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences
  • Lake Michigan Dr. & Covell shopping plaza - Big Apple Bagel, Rite Aid, BC Pizza, Snap Fitness, and Bank of America
  • Bayberry Apartments / Lake Michigan Dr & Maynard
  • Walker Fire Station is a park & ride location. You can park your car in the fire station lot or the paved area north of the Standale shopping plaza and hop on the bus at Lake Michigan Dr & Cummings!
  • Lake Michigan Dr. & Ferndale Meijer is another park & ride location. Shopping plaza features Meijer, Panera Bread, Jet's Pizza, Chowhound Pets, Fifth-Third Bank and more.
  • Allendale Campus bus stops at Mackinac Hall and the Kirkhof Center


Page last modified May 4, 2022