WM Rideshare Carpool Matching

West Michigan Rideshare is a web-based application that helps you find transportation alternatives within the GVSU community (and outside of GVSU, if you prefer). WM Rideshare helps you find carpooling partners by searching for others at GVSU who live near you and have similar commute schedules. 

Carpooling helps preserve air quality, decrease traffic congestion, conserve fuel, promote better health, and saves you money all at the same time. Sharing the ride with just one other person can reduce your commuting costs by 50%.  Click on the link below to set up your own account to login and start carpooling today!

West Michigan Rideshare Register/Sign In

West Michigan Rideshare FAQs:

1. How do I register for WM Rideshare?
Registration is easy! Just click the registration link above to get the login page.

2. How secure is my information?
When a carpool match is located, the only info that is shown about you is your first name and the general area where you live. You receive a list of matches (first name only) for you and then you can pick who to contact (via email) to make further arrangements. Your address is not given out to the match at any time, it is just required for the system to locate where you are coming from.

3. Where do I meet up with a carpooler?
You can choose to meet wherever you wish, but we suggest meeting at the nearest park & ride location (often found near expressway on-ramps) or another venue in your area that allows non-customer parking. Click here for some rideshare tips!

4. Can I meet up with carpoolers outside of the GVSU network?
When registering for WM Rideshare, there is an option to check a box to search for carpoolers outside of the network.

Page last modified January 14, 2020