Bus Route LL - GVSU Laker Line Weekday

Spring / Summer Semesters


Monday - Friday: 5:30a - 11:00p (15-20 minute frequency)
NEW for SS21! Saturday - Sunday: 10:00a - 8:00p (30 minute frequency)


  • Weekday service frequency is 15-20 minutes; weekend service is every 30 minutes.
  • New for Spring 2021! Weekend service now available during the Spring/Summer semester for Laker Line.

Fall / Winter Semesters


Monday - Thursday: 5:30a - 1a
Friday: 5:30a - 6p (see Route LL Weekend Service after 6p)

  • TO NOTE:
    • New bus stations along Route 50 / Laker Line Corridor:
      • Walker Fire Station stop will now be on Lake Michigan Dr at Cummings
      • Standale Trail - new station on Lake Michigan Dr at Mazana Ct/Hampton Ln 
      • Straight - new station at Fulton & Straight
      • GVSU Pew Campus stop is now on Fulton at Mt Vernon (under US-131). Bus no longer stops at Seward Ramp.
  • Weekday service frequency is approx 10 minutes during peak hours of 8a - 11p. 20 mins from 5:30a-8a and 11p-1a.
  • Weekend service available via Weekend Service schedule.
  • "Exam Cram" extended bus service until 2a - available Monday of the week prior to exams to Wednesday of exams (approx 20 min frequency - last departure from KC at 2:10a). NOTE: No Exam Cram service extension Fall 2020 / Winter 2021
  • NOTE: when classes are not in session the bus is on a limited "Break Service". When the University is closed there is no GVSU bus service.

Route Maps: 
ALLENDALE CAMPUS ROUTE MAP WINTER 2020 [PDF] (NOTE: Apartment routes only run during Fall/Winter)

Route Transfer Opportunities:

  • There are a number of opportunities available to access Central Station by connecting on another route (see suggestions below). All Rapid routes are still FREE with valid GVSU I.D.
  • Transfer to Silver Line (SL/#90) at downtown Grand Rapids locations: Michigan & Bostwick, DeVos Place, Monroe & Louis 
  • Westbound on Fulton/Monroe transfer to #12 (West Fulton).
  • Just north of DeVos Center (at Seward Ramp), at Lake Michigan Dr. and Seward Ave. you can transfer to bus #9 (Alpine) or DASH West. After 8/21/20, no GVSU routes stop at Seward Ramp.
  • At Meijer (at Lake Michigan Dr. and Wilson Ave.) you can transfer to #7 (West Leonard) or #12 (West Fulton). Stop for the 7 and 12 is on the south end of the parking lot.

Next Bus: To find out where the bus is now, visit Rapid Connect or one of our Mobile Apps. Please note these apps work with the normal semester schedules.

Which schedule do I refer to?

"Fall / Winter Semesters" (in general, first day of class to end of exam week, with exceptions below)

  • "Break Service" (dates of Holidays/Break Service) to include:
    • FALL: Labor Day Weekend, Fall Break, Thanksgiving Week, December Semester Break, Christmas Eve & Day, New Years Eve & Day and days prior to start of Winter Semester.
    • WINTER: Martin Luther King Jr Recess, Spring Break, Semester Break prior to start of Spring Semester

"Spring / Summer Semesters" (in general, first day of class to end of exam week, with exceptions below)

  • "Break Service" (dates of Holidays/Break Service) to include:
    • SPRING: Memorial Day Weekend
    • SUMMER: Independence Day Recess, Semester Break prior to start of Fall Semester

Featured Stops on this Route:

  • Lafayette Station - Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences, walking distance to Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall
    • NOTE: Detour - Lafayette (GVSU CHS/RFH) stop will stay on Lafayette at 196 until Prospect stop complete (routing on Lafayette, Hastings, Coit).
  • Michigan & Bostwick - walking distance to Spectrum Butterworth Hospital
    • Transfer opportunity for Silver Line (must walk across the street for Silver Line stop)
  • DeVos Place
    • Transfer opportunity for Silver Line
  • Monroe & Louis 
    • Transfer opportunity for Silver Line
  • Mt Vernon & Fulton St
    • GVSU stop between Keller Engineering Labs and Seidman Center (under US-131)
    • Transfer opportunity for Route 12 (West Fulton) is a short walk to Fulton St and Mt Vernon Ave (under US-131, one block south of new bus stop)
    • Short walk to Seward & Pearl/Lake Michigan Dr. for transfer opportunity to Route 9 (Alpine) (after 8/21/20 no GVSU stops at Seward Ramp) 
  • Straight & Fulton St
    • Residential & retail area
  • John Ball Zoo / Fulton & Garfield - walking distance from many of the homes and businesses on the Northwest side of Grand Rapids.
    • Transfer opportunity for Route 12 (West Fulton)
    • John Ball Zoo
  • Lake Michigan Dr. & Covell shopping plaza - Big Apple Bagel, Rite Aid, BC Pizza, Snap Fitness, and Bank of America
    • Transfer opportunity for Route 12 (West Fulton)
  • Maynard & Lake Michigan Dr.
    • Bayberry Apartments
    • Transfer opportunity for Route 12 (West Fulton)
  • Standale Trail & Lake Michigan Dr.
    • Hampton Lakes Apartments
    • Apple Ridge Apartments
    • Access to Standale Biking Trail
  • Cummings & Lake Michigan Dr.
    • Walker Fire Station is a park & ride location. You can park your car in the lot behind the Fire Station or north of the shopping plaza (after 8/21/20 buses no longer pull into Walker Fire Station).
  • Ferndale & Lake Michigan Dr.
    • Meijer is another park & ride location. Shopping plaza features Meijer, Panera Bread, Jet's Pizza, Chowhound Pets, Fifth-Third Bank and more.
    • Transfer opportunity for Routes 7 (West Leonard) and Route 12 (West Fulton) on the south end of the Meijer parking lot.
  • Allendale Campus bus stops at Mackinac Hall and the Kirkhof Center
    • Transfer opportunity for Routes 37, 48 (weekday) and 85 (weekends and early a.m. weekday)