Current detours, delays and other route updates:

Posted 10/19/18:

Bus Detours This Weekend Per The Rapid:

Saturday, 10/20 - 6:30am to 11:00am

Route 50 EB: Lake Michigan Drive (R) Seward (L) Fulton (L) Monroe to regular route. PEW Campus will not be serviced. Temp stop at bus stop Fulton near Mt. Vernon under 131 Overpass.

Route 50 WB:  Monroe (R) Fulton (R) Seward (L) Lake Michigan Drive to regular route. PEW Campus will not be serviced. Temp stop at bus stop on Fulton west of Mt. Vernon.


Sunday, 10/21 - 8:00am to 4:00pm

Route # 50 EB: Fulton (L) Lane (R) First (L) Slight left onto 196 East (R) Exit 77C onto Ottawa Avenue (L) Michigan to regular route. --- No service to PEW Campus--- (closest stops will be at Lane/Fulton and at CHS/Lafayette/Michigan)

Route # 50 WB: Michigan (L) Ottawa (R) Oakes… Straight onto US 131 North (L) Exit 86B onto 196 West towards Holland (R) Exit 76 onto Lane Ave (L) Lane Avenue (R) Fulton to regular route.  ---No Service to PEW Campus--- (closest stops will be at Lane/Fulton and at CHS/Lafayette/Michigan)


Notes: 5K/10K Saturday, 10/20, 8:00am – noon (9:00a start)

Run thru the Rapid races will be done by 11a on Saturday, with most traffic impact expected between 9-10:30a. GRPD will let traffic through as race traffic clears. Race starts at David Hunting YMCA, heads down Winter and through DEV lot and archways to Front Ave, past EC and on to Blue Bridge – route passes back through and ends in these areas as well. The 10K route heads south on Winter and crosses Fulton around 9:15ish. Saturday, 10/20, 12:30pm – 2:30pm (1:30p start)

Most street closures will occur north of Lake Michigan Dr. Sunday, 10/21, 7:00am – 4:00pm (8:00am start)

They anticipate that the largest group of runners going through an area at one time will occur during the first four miles of the race route – between the time the race starts at the YMCA at 8a, until approximately 9a, when most of the runners will have passed through the intersection of Fulton and Winter Streets.

DeVos Lot will be closed beginning Friday evening as Winter Ave (access point) is one of the main race areas.

The Seward parking ramp will be open for race parking on both days:

o    Saturday 6:45a to 6:00p

o   Sunday 5:30a to 5p


What's new for Fall 2018?

Full fall service begins Monday, August 27.

Please note the following changes:

  • Grand Rapids area changes along Route 50:
    • Route change near CHS/RFH - Michigan, L on Coit, R on Hastings, R on Lafayette [new 50 bus stop], R on Michigan to existing route
      • The bus stop formerly located behind CHS has moved to the corner of the intersection of Michigan St NE and Lafayette Ave NE - access Raleigh J Finkelstein Hall and Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences at this stop.
      • The bus stop at Bostwick/Michigan is now a "Westbound Only" stop
    • Route 50 bus stop will no longer wait/rest at CHS, it will now do so at the Pew stop (by Eberhard/DeVos Center)
      • There are now separate Eastbound and Westbound stops at the Pew stop (by EC/DEV) - the poles are labeled accordingly - make sure you get on the right bus!
    • Park & Ride Expansion - the parking areas at Walker Fire Station Park & Ride have been expanded. Please be courteous of the plaza businesses and park in the newly paved areas.

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