Advertising on the Bus

Advertising Opportunities

How Can I Advertise on the Bus?
Grand Valley departments can advertise inside buses that serve Grand Valley routes at no cost for the space. Contact GVSU University Marketing for printing, installation, and removal costs and other details. Outside organizations or advertisers can not advertise on or in Grand Valley designated buses. If you would like to advertise on all Rapid buses, please click here for more information.
Why Should I Advertise on The Rapid?
Promote your organization/company/info to all of The Rapid's riders.
How Can I Get Transportation Promotional Items?
Click here to contact us to see what we have available.
Can I Advertise on the Bus Shelters?
No. GVSU Transportation Services and/or The Rapid occasionally place notices on the bus shelters for riders but no other information is allowed.

Page last modified August 17, 2018