Carpool Tips

10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Carpooling:

1. Get Acquainted - Contact the Commuters on Your Match List
Call and ask to meet your potential carpool partners in a public place to discuss the details of the rideshare arrangement, or decide whether or not you would feel comfortable sharing a ride.

2. Exchange Important Information
Share emergency contact information of all parties before starting the carpool.

3. Decide on a Schedule for Driving Responsibilities
Determine who is going to drive and on what days. It may be a good idea to put the schedule in writing and provide a copy to all carpool members

4. Determine How Driving Expenses Will Be Reimbursed
If the responsibility of driving is not going to be shared, determine how costs will be shared and agree on payment dates.

5. Plan Ahead - Determine Your Route and Schedule
Designate places to meet for both morning and after-work/school pick-ups.

6. Be on Time
Establish a time limit for how long to wait if a member of the carpool is late, and develop a procedure if you are going to be late or will not be going to work.

7. Establish a Back Up Plan
If the driver will not be going to work on his or her designated day, decide on an alternate driver so that the carpool will not be interrupted.

8. Keep the Vehicle Well-Serviced and Drive Safely
Drivers should keep their vehicles clean and comfortable and maintain a safe speed.

9. Set Ground Rules
Carpoolers should discuss whether smoking, eating and/or drinking will be allowed. Also determine what types of music are acceptable.

10. Contact West Michigan Rideshare
If you lose a member of your carpool, contact West Michigan Rideshare for help in finding a replacement. Together we can save money, time, and the environment while reducing traffic congestion.


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Page last modified March 16, 2016