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The Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies seeks an interdisciplinary teacher-scholar to join our faculty for the 2023-24 Academic Year. This tenure track position will support two or more of the academic programs of the Brooks College, with particular emphasis on the growing program in Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ENS).

Successful candidates will have teaching and scholarly expertise that spans needs/priorities in multiple programs and/or units, increase curricular coverage of areas related to diversity and inclusion, and contribute to college and university goals with respect to access, equity, and an inclusive campus climate. All candidates will be asked to address DEI in teaching, scholarship, and service as part of their application with the search committee following up with related questions as part of the interview process.

Search Structure

Search Committee:    

Committee Convenor/Chair: Kelly Parker, Joint Appt. in Philosophy (CLAS) and ENS (Brooks)

Inclusion Advocate: Hazel McClure, University Libraries


  • Jack Mangala, Chair of Area and Global Studies
  • Amy McFarland, Director of Environmental & Sustainability Studies
  • Nora Salas, Director of Kutsche Office of Local History

Members of the search committee will be expected to participate in events during on-campus visits by finalists and provide written feedback that will be considered when making final offers.

Preparation & External Communications

Members of the search committee, in conversation with Dean Mark Schaub and others within Brooks College, will develop a clear plan for the following:

To assist with recruitment while also fostering buy-in and ‘setting the table’ for the success of this search and for onboarding the new colleague, the Dean’s Office will create a digital presence on the Brooks College website. This page will include:

  • A description of the effort with direct link to the HR job posting (once finalized and public)
  • Links to the programs directly engaged in these new hires.
  • College diversity and inclusion statement.
  • Link to the university’s strategic plan + college mission and values.
  • Statement of purpose, including links to national literature on purpose and benefits of cluster hire w/ specific connections to benefits for Brooks College and GVSU
  • Statement of expectations (for hire structure, candidates, and online retention/mentoring/support)
  • Mentoring plan, including support for underrepresented faculty
  • Networking opportunities and university resources (including FTLC, CSCE, and others)
  • Plan to assess cluster outcomes (to be conducted and shared internally).


The faculty position will be advertised via a single posting indicating the openings across fields/programs. Applicants will apply via a single portal on the HR website. Determination about primary unit into which candidates are appointed will be made by recommendation by the search committee in consultation with the appointing officer (Dean Mark Schaub) and relevant unit head.

All applicants will be required to submit the following materials:

  • Cover letter
  • Vita
  • Statement of teaching philosophy
  • Writing sample indicative of area of scholarship
  • Statement of demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion in teaching, scholarship and/or service describing past experience, contributions to diversity and inclusion efforts, the impact on students, faculty, staff, and/or their field, and a description of how they will demonstrate a commitment in these areas in teaching, research, and/or service in the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies and/or at Grand Valley State University. (To be uploaded under “Other.”)
  • In their cover letter, applicants should address the feasibility of conducting a research program within the context of a primarily teaching-oriented undergraduate programs
  • Three letters of recommendation, to be uploaded or emailed directly to the search chair.


These positions will be advertised broadly, drawing upon GVSU’s Inclusive Hiring and Recruitment Toolkit as well as across publications and venues identified by the partnering units/programs.

The final job posting will include the university’s Proactive Inclusion & Equity Statements as well a contextual statement describing the overarching goals of the Brooks College Cluster Hire.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The faculty and staff of the Brooks College are deeply committed to not only advancing equity, inclusion and diversity, but in leading Grand Valley State University in these values. We begin by recognizing that we as a university and as a college are not comfortable with our current DEI situation, and that there continues to be important—even urgent—work to be done across several areas. We collectively and individually will make efforts at:

Supporting and recruiting a diverse range of students

Already, the BCOIS has the largest percentage of students of color of the seven colleges of GVSU. BCOIS also has a far higher percentage of adult/non-traditional students than the other six colleges. To us, that means we have an additional responsibility to ensure that students of color, adult learners, and other students carrying marginalized identities, are supported to remain students in our courses and programs. For some students, that means measures that acknowledge the challenges they face, be they childcare needs, housing or food insecurity, systemic racism, or flexibility in applying previously earned credits to their GVSU transcripts.

Supporting and recruiting a diverse range of faculty/staff

Many BCOIS faculty and staff carry multiple identities that may indicate marginalization. Our mentoring programs and processes must acknowledge and support colleagues across their whole selves, as personal and professional success and wellbeing are intertwined. Our faculty hiring process and search plan is one effort that we are investing in for future success in welcoming, and supporting, a cohort of new colleagues who will share in our DEI efforts. Their success is an intrinsic value for us, collectively and individually. If they are not successful, none of us are.

A vibrant, inclusive, and accessible curriculum

Our courses and programs are being continually improved to ensure that current DEI understandings are reflected in syllabi, program requirements, and electives. We will continue to deliver our courses in modalities, and at times, that work best for our diverse range of students. We will continue to find ways to reduce the cost of participation—particularly in required texts; our work in developing online educational resources (OERs) and low-cost course readers is one way we can support equity in student success. Finding avenues for affordable (and ideally fairly compensated) internships, practica, and other high-impact educational opportunities continues to be an important goal.

Ongoing DEI-related professional development

In 2021, BCOIS offered (in partnership with the Pew Faculty Teaching & Learning Center) dedicated cohorts of EdX sessions as part of the Inclusive Excellence series. That series, as well as a range of other resources, prepares faculty in designing and maintaining equitable and inclusive learning spaces, both online and in person, as well as assignments and assessments that support success by all students. We will continue to provide learning opportunities for faculty, staff, and students that advance individual and collective DEI understandings and actions.

Faculty & Staff Affinity Groups

The Division of Inclusion and Equity, with support from the Human Resources Office, is proud to empower our employee affinity groups. These groups host meaningful events, engage in mentoring, and foster community among our underrepresented and diverse faculty, staff, and student populations.

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