2021-2022 Asian Faculty & Staff Association Mentor Program

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Our Mission

The mission of the Asian Faculty and Staff Association is to:

  1. Develop a community and support network that nurtures Asian faculty and staff within the GVSU community
  2. Provide professional and personal support to GVSU Asian faculty and staff
  3. Give voice to the concerns of the Asian faculty and staff on campus
  4. Help to maintain a positive work environment for Asian faculty and staff
  5. Advocate for and support the recruitment and retention of Asian Students

FULL Charter Document

Kin Ma, Kip Smalligan, Connie Dang, and Yosay Wangdi

September 6th, 2018 New Americans Gala at Henry Hotel, Dearborn, Michigan
Asian Fac/Staff Leaders from Left to Right: Kip Smalligan, Yosay Wangdi, Connie Dang, and Kin Ma

Group picture of Asian Faculty and Staff Inaugural Reception (9/30/2015)

Asian Faculty & Staff Assoc. Inaugural Reception (9/30/2015)

About Us

Co-Chairs: Kin Ma and Yosay Wangdi
   makin [at] gvsu [dot] edu;
   wangdiy [at] gvsu [dot] edu

Treasurer: Stafford Hiroshi Smith

Secretary: Julia VanderMolen









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