Gchi Booskamgaad

Grand Valley State University holds firmly to values of inclusiveness and community, strives to build lasting community partnerships, and endeavors to create an environment in which all our communities can thrive. The Native American community is essential to both current efforts and our history. The University recognizes its foundation is rooted on lands of the First Nations and seeks to honor our indigenous ancestors through a renewed time of understanding, appreciation, and respect through strengthening the University’s commitment to Native American community engagement and support.

In this spirit, Grand Valley, through its Division of Inclusion and Equity, reaffirms its commitment to our Native American students, staff, faculty and community members through the maintaining of a Native American Advisory Committee “Gchi Booskamgaad”. The committee is established by the Vice President for Inclusion and Equity to advise the Division of Inclusion and Equity on outreach and retention strategies for Native American students, faculty and staff. Through the Division of Inclusion and Equity, the Native American Advisory Committee (NAAC) works to support, elevate, and advocate for Native American perspectives at Grand Valley State University. The committee is committed to fostering strong relationships between the University and Native American communities, both on- and off-campus.

The University is grateful for and honored by the longstanding commitment and dedication of many Native American community members who provide service and support to the University through their membership on this committee, its previous iteration as the Native American Advisory Board, and in many other ways.

Division of Inclusion and Equity Goals Related to the Native American Community

  1. Create and facilitate an inclusive environment for Native American students, staff, faculty, and community.
  2. Advocate for and support the recruitment, retention and advancement of Grand Valley Native American faculty, staff, and students.
  3. Support cultural competency for all Grand Valley employees related to the Native American community.
  4. Influence curriculum to incorporate Native American perspectives and content across disciplines.
  5. Develop, promote, and sustain meaningful Native American community partnerships.

Future GVSU Employees

Search committees should inform candidates of the opportunity to meet with and participate in faculty/staff affinity groups, and the efforts of the Division of Inclusion and Equity. NAAC members are available to meet with potential employee candidates during the search process. Contact the Division of Inclusion and Equity at [email protected] or (616) 331-3296 for scheduling. 

Faculty/staff affinity groups and the Division of Inclusion and Equity participate in new hire orientation resource fairs and new faculty orientation.

Page last modified November 4, 2018