Mission & Vision


Cultivating engaged global citizens through innovative interdisciplinary programs and diverse community partnerships.


The Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies will be a regional and national model for creative inquiry, integrative programming, inclusive practices, and student empowerment.

Guiding Principles

We value:

  • A collegial and collaborative student-centered environment where we support each other and work together, both within the college and across campus, in an open and transparent manner.
  • Cultural diversity and diversity of voices as a foundational principle in our curriculum, programming, and practices.
  • Community engagement through educational initiatives and experiential learning.
  • Interdisciplinary research and teaching that challenges and expands perspectives.
  • Risk-taking and innovation that encourages alternative approaches to scholarship, teaching, and learning.
  • Social, environmental, and financial sustainability in all that we do.

Page last modified June 1, 2021