Effective Practices Leadership Initiative (EPLI)

Effective Practices Leadership Initiative (EPLI) is an effort to increase regional and local district capacity to effectively educate students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). The project includes developing Trainers of START Content who can provide professional development in ASD and the use of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) for their regional and local school staff and families. Trainers work with coaches who assist in the follow-up support necessary to assure that research-based practices and supports are implemented with fidelity.  

In an effort to further expand regional and local capacity, and to deepen both initial and ongoing development of trainers, START has discontinued the formal approval process and competency day. The intent is to focus on a rigorous training and preparation process in order to ensure that START trainings conducted at regional and local levels remain of the highest standard. In addition, START will provide ongoing support to Trainers of START Content by providing opportunities to strengthen content knowledge and deepen skills. 

EPLI Trainer of START Content Modules:

  • PBIS for Students with ASD
  • Educational Supports & Strategies for Students with ASD
  • Peer to Peer Support for Students with ASD
  • IEP Development & Implementation for Students with ASD

Current, active trainers will now be called EPLI Level 1 Trainers of START Content (vs. “approved” START Trainers) and are welcome to access upcoming START Trainer support activities, including Trainer Focus Days.

  • EPLI Level 1 Trainers of START Content and are welcome to register for the Trainer Focus Days and other START Trainer Support Activities. In order to attend a Trainer Focus Day, they will need to complete the Trainer Formative Assessments that will assist in informing content for Trainer Focus Days as well as informing an Individual Trainer Plan.
  • Those who are no longer active can complete a new application and go through the EPLI Level 1 Trainer of START Content process.  They would not need to repeat the 2-day content module(s) unless they have not seen the content in the last 3 years.
  • Each RCN should ensure they have a sufficient number of Level 1 Trainers of START Content in their region for each module to cover training needs.
  • If more Trainers are needed, RCNs should identify qualified individuals to go through the EPLI Trainer of START Content Development Process.
  • RCN may recruit qualified level 2 trainers. Level 2 trainers present with Level 1 trainers through their local RCN. They work help develop training materials and present information that provides a specific example of the application of START information based on EBP (e.g. high school peer to peer program implementation, use of self-management system in general education, systematic use of meeting mechanics, etc.). Level 2 START Trainers must present with an EPLI Level 1 Trainer of START Content.
  • START will offer four Trainer Focus Days per year (one in each core module). These Trainer Focus Days are intended to prepare new Trainers and provide opportunities for ongoing skill development for established EPLI Trainers of START Content. Registration information can be found here
  • Other START Trainer Support Activities may include:
    • Topic webinars
    • Zoom-in hours
    • Q & A topic meetings and documents
    • Trainer Corner in the START Connecting Newsletter

EPLI Trainer Focus Days

EPLI Trainer Focus Days are intended for new applicants and current EPLI Level 1 Trainers. The agenda for these Focus Days will include deepening your knowledge of concepts in that module, building your fluency to deliver the content effectively, as well as a myriad of general training strategies (e.g. active engagement, responding to tough questions, understanding the intention of slides and activities). As part of the process, you will be required to complete a Trainer Formative Assessment for each Trainer Focus Day and you will also develop an Individual Trainer Plan for the continuous development of your training skills.

Please note: EPLI Trainer Focus Days will be posted as they are scheduled.

As we look to 2020-2021, our START staff is considering options for the EPLI Trainer Focus Days as we face many unknowns. After careful consideration, START has decided to move the EPLI Trainer Focus Days to a virtual format. We are in the process of formulating details surrounding this plan and will be sharing additional information as it becomes available.

Preparation Webinar

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