Developing and Maintaining a Peer to Peer Program

Elementary Peer to Peer Program Playbook

Please note: the Elementary Peer to Peer Program Playbook is being updated and a new version will be available in winter 2021. The current version is still available via the link below. 

Elementary Peer to Peer Program Playbook

Secondary Peer to Peer Program Playbook

Purpose of the Secondary Peer to Peer Program Playbook: 

To support school teams in developing secondary Peer to Peer programs by offering comprehensive and critical guidance along with materials and resources.

Navigation of the Secondary Peer to Peer Program Playbook:

  • The Playbook is divided into sections, utilizing tabs to indicate each section title.
  • Each section contains easily accessible and pertinent information. 
    • Narrative guidance for your team is offered at the beginning of each section.
    • Examples are embedded as a source of quick visual reference.
    • Editable templates are accessible through hyperlinks in the electronic version of the Playbook and through QR codes in the printed version of the Playbook.

Helpful Reminders:

  • The Playbook is meant to be used in conjunction with the START website. 
  • The resources in the Playbook are continually updated. 
  • The examples and templates in the Playbook are intended to fully equip your school team in developing, implementing, and maintaining a Secondary Peer to Peer Program. However; your team may find that some of the resources are not necessary for your program development and/or that additional resources addressing the unique culture and expectations of your school community may need to be developed.

Seeking Support:

If you have any questions about Peer to Peer, or need support in the development of your Peer to Peer program, please contact START: or (616) 331-6480

Secondary Peer to Peer Program Playbook


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