Coaching Tool Kit

The START Coaching Tool Kit slides and documents are intended to be printed and organized in a binder to serve as a three-point communication tool during IEP, behavior, and staff meetings. Three-point communication strategies are designed to enhance communication and the sharing of information and avoid potential challenges and defensiveness that can occur during two-point communication (i.e. two people looking at each other and talking to each other), especially when discussing topics of disagreement. Adding a third point, the tool kit slides and documents/resources, can improve communication and problem solving and reduce defensiveness and barriers to communication.

The Coaching Tool Kit PowerPoint is a compilation of slides from various START modules that represent topics that often come up in IEP, behavior, and team meetings. The documents are visual tools to enhance discussion and focus on systems and practice rather than opinion or common practice. Coaches are free to use these slides or choose others that better represent the topics that typically arise in their meetings. 

View more information on three-point communication. 

Coaching Toolkit Webinar

Coaching Toolkit Webinar


2. Law

3. Research and Tools

4. Visuals - Instructional Science

5. Behavioral Science

6. Ed Strategies

7. Secondary Transition

Additional Coaching Forms & Resources

Ordering Coaching Toolkits

Coaching Toolkits are available for $35/each + the cost of shipping. Orders can be placed online through Allegra Printing. Instructions for ordering are available here

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