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GVSU Teach-In: Race and Racism Today (7 Photos)

Race and Racism Today: Misinformation and Myths

This workshop invited participants to a conversation on the misinformation and myths that dominate current public perceptions on “race.” Anthropology has made significant contributions to understanding human variation and why “race” persists as a cultural idea with real (economic and political) consequences. A panel of anthropology faculty addressed concepts of race and racism from biological, cultural, linguistic, and archeological perspectives, drawing on resources from the “Understanding Race After Charlottesville” of the American Anthropological Association. Joining the panel were students and a practitioner from the community with expertise on refugee issues. Participants were invited to raise questions and share experiences of confronting the concepts of race and racism in educational and real-world contexts, in order to engage at greater depth on possible avenues for breaking down racial myths.

Lambda Alpha-Beta Honor Society Induction (5 Photos)

On April 18, 2013, the Anthropology Department held its annual induction ceremony for students who joined the Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honors Society. In the group student photo are the nine inductees who were honored with a feast, games, and the anthropology oath (pictured left to right): Kylee Hassevoort, Julia Strunk, Sarah Corrello, Robert Veldman, Carl Morton, Valerie Clanton, Madeline Weinberger, Christina Uplinger (not pictured Mary Peterson and Seth Price). Thanks to Dr. Schwartz for organizing the event; and to Drs. Weibel, Brashler, Rhoads, and Vannier for assisting and attending.

2012 Midwest Conference in East Lansing (1 Photos)

GVSU Faculty members & students presented a session on "Rivers Run Through It: Contributions to Archaeology in West Michigan" at the 2012 Midwest Conference in East Lansing.

2012 Field School (61 Photos)

Between May 9 and June 15, 2012 Grand Valley State Universitys Department of Anthropology conducted its Archaeological Field School in several locations in Muskegon and Ottawa Counties. The objective of the 2012 field school was to train students in archaeological field methods in the context of public service archaeology. To meet those objectives we conducted field work at multiple locations primarily on Ottawa County Parks and Recreation lands, on the GVSU campus, and two other locations in Muskegon County, Pomona Park in the village of Fruitport and on the property of a private landowner. In conducting the work, students learned a variety of archaeological field techniques including surface collection, shovel testing, test excavation, magnetometer and ground penetrating radar surveys. In addition, students were introduced to basic laboratory processing and cataloging. Approximately half of the students have continued to volunteer and are working on data collected from the summer which will be summarized in brief papers and presented at a conference in the fall.

2012 Student Scholars Day (12 Photos)

2012 Student Scholars Day

2011 Annual Service Awards and Holiday Gathering (2 Photos)

Congratulations to Cindy Hull, who was awarded (Dec 1) at the Annual Service Awards and Holiday Gathering for 20 years of service/teaching at the university!

Homecoming 2011 (8 Photos)

Mindgating 2011 at Homecoming Saturday, October 29, 2011, CLAS table at the Expo and featured activities related to Anthropology and Archaeology. Students and community members had the chance to dig up spooky fun for the whole family with campus Archaeologists -- they learned about bloodcurdling ancient cultures and made some scary artifacts.

2011 CLAS Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence (10 Photos)

Troy M. Schindlbeck graduated in 1995 with a B.S. in Anthropology and a Minor in History. After serving as a field assistant with the GVSU Archaeology field school, Troy worked as an archaeological survey technician in Michigan preserving cultural resources on National Forest lands. Troy took employment in numerous consulting positions over the years, including working as field archaeologist for a WMU project, the Great Lakes Research Associates, and the Commonwealth Cultural Resource Group. In 2001, he founded his business, Cultural Resource Technologies (located in Spring Lake, Michigan), specializing in the manufacturing of products and tools - used in over 20 countries by professional archaeologists and cultural resource management firms. Troys career demonstrates the application of his anthropology training and enterprising skills to innovation and service in the field of archaeology.

2011 Anthropology Field School (4 Photos)

Panel Presentation on Veterans Healthcare in West Michigan Wednesday, June 22, 2011, at 3:30 p.m. at WGVU Studio. Veterans Healthcare in West Michigan An Applied Medical Anthropology Study Ethnographic Field School 2011, GVSU Project Personnel Students: Amy J Akers, Amy Chan, Kelsey Davies, Kendall Gilbert, Lauren Hall, Keisha Hoople, Gina Krupnak, Zachary A. Laney, Caroline MacLaren, Brian Nitzschke, Andrew Reid, Stephanie A Sicard, Terra Wasylewski Research Assistants: Amy Akers, Nathan Egner; Jackie Gerhardy; Michael Rapin; Field Coordinator: Jayson Otto Faculty: Azizur R. Molla, MPH, Ph.D. Medical Anthropologist, GVSU

2011 Zumberge Pond Project (48 Photos)

Campus Archaeology - Anthropology Professor Jan Brashler, Kristina Wieghmink, and Anthropology students (Kelly O'Neill, Kevin Gurski, Stephanie Gasko, Diana Rutledge, Jordan Freeman, and Matthew Schroeder) sorted through pond muck to discover what type of items were at the bottom of the pond. (photos taken by: Amanda Pitts, GVSU News & Information)