Board of Directors Application

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors please read the following information and complete the application form. To be considered for the upcoming fiscal year (July – June), applications must be submitted by June 30 of said year. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered for the following term year.



The Grand Valley State University Alumni Association is the organizational entity within the University representing the alumni of the University. The purpose of the Association is to promote, assist, and perpetuate the goals and objectives of Grand Valley State University. The Alumni Association represents a vital resource of the University – one for which the University has an expressed interest and a desire for further development. The alumni and the University are united through the Association by common interests, concerns, and goals.


The GVSU Alumni Association Board of Directors shall be the representative body of the Alumni Association and shall have full authority to transact business and engage in all lawful activities related to the purpose of the Alumni Association. The Board of Directors will create and maintain a long-range strategic plan for the growth, development and governance of the Alumni Association, and work closely with the Alumni Relations Office in administration of business, regular and special events. The Board will adhere strictly to the provisions of its mission statement, and the vision and mission statements of Grand Valley State University and the Alumni Relations Department.


Candidate Selection & Eligibility

Individual board members act as representatives for the Alumni Association and should be knowledgeable of all association programs. Board members serve on at least one committee and should lend their professional expertise as needed. Board members are expected to participate actively and consistently in board functions and to demonstrate leadership in a variety of university volunteer activities.

The board seeks members who have supported alumni involvement through the Alumni Association or elsewhere in the university, and support the Alumni Association's mission. The Association strives to create a body that represents the diversity of the Association's membership.

Eligible Members must:

  • be a graduate of Grand Valley State University who has demonstrated service to the university
  • be willing to make a strong commitment to the Alumni Association and its projects
  • have demonstrated dependability in carrying out assigned tasks
  • actively contribute to the university financially

Terms of Active Membership

The GVSU Alumni Association Board of Directors shall consist of not less than 21 members. A GVSU Alumni Association Board of Directors member shall serve for a three-year term and is eligible to nominate themselves for re-election or re-appointment to one additional three-year term unless otherwise stated, and they will be presented to the Board with any other candidates at the next scheduled election. After one year’s absence, a past board member is eligible again for a three-year term.


Executive Committee

The Alumni Association is led by the Executive Committee which consists of the president, three or more vice presidents, the secretary, the executive director, the immediate past president, and the faculty representative. Terms of executive officers are three years. Officers are elected from and by the GVSU Alumni Association Board of Directors membership. For nomination and election to the Executive Committee as an officer, the person must have served on the Association Board for a minimum of two years.

Activities/Volunteer Committee

The purpose of the Activities/Volunteer Committee is to increase alumni participation in events and engage more alumni volunteers and event attendees inside and outside of the university.

Awards/Nominating Committee

The purpose of the Awards/Nominating Committee is to coordinate with Alumni Relations staff to oversee the nomination, selection and administration of annual Alumni Association Awards, and evaluate and propose potential GVSU Alumni Association Board members for consideration by the board.

Fundraising Committee

The purpose of the Fundraising Committee is to support the Alumni Association and university strategic plans in financially supporting Grand Valley by helping to plan fundraising events, making asks when comfortable, and providing connections from Alumni Relations to potential donors.

Liaison Committee

The purpose of the Liaison committee is to strengthen ties, increase communication and establish working relationships within and among university constituencies.

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