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Why is my request of academic internship registration declined?
We want you to get a good supervised work experience in an area of your potential career interests in WRT 490. The internship coordinator may decline your request for academic internship registration due to the following reasons: You might not be able to get adequate guidance or feedback for your work, as your onsite supervisor doesn't have the appropriate qualifications to train you on the job; the work you are going to perform during the internship doesn't meet the requirement of at least 50% writing or editing projects; or you do not have the adequate academic (GPA) or workplace preparation for a particular internship.

Do I need to attend the weekly seminar if I only take WRT 490 as a one-credit course?
No. You don't need to for a one-credit course. You are only required to attend the seminar when you register for WRT 490 as a three-credit course, which is required by the major requirements for degree completion. You are recommended to attend the seminar if you take WRT 490 as a two-credit course.

May I register for WRT 490 for multiple times?
Yes, you may want to have multiple academic internships, and you are encouraged to have diverse internship experiences to try out different career options and build a stronger portfolio. You only need to attend the weekly seminar for the first time when you take WRT 490. For the following internships, you might need to submit academic work, including progress reports and final portfolio, determined by the internship coordinator.

It looks like many internship jobs are unpaid. Is there some support available to help defray the cost such as gas and transportation?
Every semester the Career Center offers a limited number of internship awards ($300 per award this year) for students who take unpaid internships. You might want to check the website of the Career Center website and apply for one. Please don't miss the deadline, which is Friday of the first week each semester.

It's already the middle of the semester, and I'm doing an internship right now, but I forgot to register for WRT 490 at the beginning of the semester. Could I take this as a course next semester?
No. Generally we don't offer retroactive credits for an internship during the regular academic year. We only offer the opportunity of taking a retroactive academic internship course for a summer internship in which a student might need to work full-time or not in the local area. But your case doesn't meet either of the requirements. You can, of course, still list the work as an internship on your résumé; it is just not on your transcript.

Whom do I contact if I have further questions?
Please contact the internship coordinator (Dauvan Mulally; [email protected]; 331-3547) for assistance.

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