Writing Student Awards

Each year, the Department of Writing is fortunate to nominate and/or award top students deserving of recognition for their work both inside the classroom and with extracurricular endeavors. The awards are presented to recipients during the Department of Writing's Annual Award Ceremony held each year on the last Friday in April.

Writing Major Outstanding Student Award

The Writing Department’s Outstanding Student Award goes to a graduating major who has demonstrated outstanding skills and potential as a writer, who has shown excellent engagement in all their writing classes, and who has participated in the extracurricular writing community.  The Outstanding Student should have a GPA in the major of at least 3.7 and an overall GPA of at least 3.25.

Past Award Winners

2020: Annie Cunningham

2019: Emily Zerrenner

2018: Annie Livingston

2017: Sarah Smith

2016: Jackie Vega

2015: Rose White

2014: Nikki Fisher

2013: Matthew Russell

2012: Megan Smith

2011: Allison Oosta

2010: Carrie Smith

2009: Katie Booms

2008: Lindsey Drager

2007: Breanne LeJeune

2006: Jacob Powers

2005: T. Fleischmann

2004: Amber Eby

2003: Joshua Courtade

2002: Jodi Deur/Jill Haller

Emily Zerrenner receiving outstanding student award

Professor José presented Emily Zerrenner
with the 2019 Outstanding Student Award 

Kenneth R. Venderbush Leadership Award

The University-wide Venderbush Award recognizes one senior who has demonstrated an exceptional blend of academic achievement and leadership efficacy while making significant contributions to the campus community.

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Past Dept Award Nominees

2020: Oliva Baker

2019: Maria McKee

2018: Kathryn Davis

2017: Sarah Cauzillo

2016: Marcee Wardell

2015: Ariel Mokdad

2014: Amy Hinman

2013: Sara Warren

2012: Lynn Dimick

2011: ***

2010: Janelle Wing

2009: ***

2008: Meahgan Pear

2007: Margaret Porter

2006: Morgan Sherburne

2005: ***

2004: Michelle LaPointe

2003: Katherine VanLoo

Maria McKee receives VenderBush Nomination award

Professor Huey presented a recognition award to the department's 2019 VenderBush Leadership Award Nominee, Maria McKee

Glenn A. Niemeyer Award

Students selected for the Niemeyer Awards are well-rounded individuals with demonstrated excellence in both the classroom and extra-curricular activities. Recipients excel in the classroom and demonstrate a joy of learning as part of a community of scholars. Along with intellectual achievements, recipients participate in activities outside the classroom that serve to enrich their lives and the lives of others. 

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Past Dept Award Nominees

2020: Brooke Fugate

2019: Emily Zerrenner

2018: Daniel Goubert

2017: Anna Bouwkamp

2016: Paige Dhyne

2015: Grayson DeYoung

2014: Marie Orttenburger

2013: Jessie Miller

2012: Krista Pepelko

2011: Allison Oosta

2010: Susan Creager

2009: Katie Booms

2008: David LeGault

2007: ***

2006: Megan Ward

2005: ***

2004: Leah Omilion


Emily Zerrenner receiving recognition for her Niemeyer nomination

Emily Zerrenner received recognition
for her 2019 Niemeyer nomination
from Professor José

Internship Award

The Internship Award recognizes students for achieving outstanding success in an internship by demonstrating a commitment to learning and professional development in the successful completion of a Writing internship experience.

Past Award Winners


2019: Rachel Kornoelje

2018: Emily Zerrenner

2017: Danielle Clark

2016: Jennifer Polasek

2015: Alyssa Adamovich

2014: Ariel Mokdad

2013: Jessie Miller
             Erin Quackenbush

2012: Devin Beck

2011: Madeleine Hart,
              Brittney Schering
              Kiera Wilson

2010: Elizabeth Uhl

Rachel Kornoelje receives an award

Professor Mulally presented 
Rachel Kornoelje with the
2019 Internship Award