The Writing Minor

The Writing Minor can help you to develop personal and workplace writing skills and greater rhetorical sensitivity. The minor works well to expand your professional abilities for careers in advertising, public relations, marketing, computer science, business, math, nursing, and engineering, to name a few. The minor requires a total of 18 credits, and the requirements are structured so that you can tailor your course selection to fit your professional needs and personal talents as a writer.

First, pick three (3) of the four core courses:

WRT 200:    Introduction to Professional Writing
WRT 210:    Introduction to Style
WRT 219:    Introduction to Creative Writing
WRT 253:    Document Production and Design

Generally, you will want to take all three of your core courses before moving onto the upper-level courses, as they provide a good foundation for advanced work.


Additionally, pick any three (3) upper-level writing courses from the following list:
*Note that upper-level courses generally require some prerequisite courses from the core. You will want to verify that the core courses you selected satisfy those requirements by checking the WRT course catalog descriptions, as well as to verify that the upper-level course you have selected is generally offered the year that you intend to take it.

WRT 307:    Consulting with Writers
WRT 308:    Editing and Publishing
WRT 316:    Style and Technique
WRT 320:    Intermediate Poetry Workshop
WRT 330:    Intermediate Fiction Workshop
WRT 350:    Business Communication 
WRT 351:    Writing for the Web
WRT 353:    Visual Rhetoric and Design
WRT 354:    Writing in the Global Context
WRT 357:    Professional Writing in International Contexts
WRT 358:    User Experience Writing
WRT 360:    Intermediate Creative Nonfiction
WRT 365:    Intermediate Magazine Writing
WRT 380:    Special Topics Course
WRT 381:    Sports and Writing
WRT 411:    Style and the Book
WRT 420:    Advanced Poetry Workshop
WRT 430:    Advanced Fiction Workshop
WRT 451:    Advanced Writing for the Web
WRT 455:    Composing with Digital Tools
WRT 460:    Advanced Creative Nonfiction

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