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Alumni Spotlight: Jacob DeWeerd

Alumni Spotlight: Jacob DeWeerd

Describe your current position.

I create the vast majority of digital content for Geonexus, a software-as-a-service company. Geonexus’ primary customers include utility companies and departments of public works, like the people who provide electricity, water, and gas service to cities around the world. 


To what extent does writing relate to your current position?/What type of writing/design do you do for work?

My weekly tasks typically include writing a blog focused on industry trends, creating 15-20 social media posts, and designing graphics for all sorts of projects. Writing is the most important part of my position, by far. Whether I’m writing a tweet or a thousand-word blog post, I’m constantly thinking of how to pack the most amount of information into as few words as possible. Lots of people think writing jobs are about learning how to write a lot of words, but it’s really the opposite.


Briefly describe your path from graduation at GVSU to your current position.

My path from graduation to my current position was very quick - I started working three days after I graduated! I was lucky enough to complete an internship at the Career Center in my last year at GVSU, and that position provided me with lots of great experience with the career search process. I only ended up interviewing at one company after filling out less than ten job applications - then accepted the first offer I received. I had my job all lined up about a month before my graduation date arrived.


What parts of the writing major had the strongest impact on you as a professional?

The professional experience parts of the writing major (professional writing classes, internship, etc) definitely had the strongest impact on me. Through these experiences, I was finally able to narrow down what I wanted to do post-college, which was something I really struggled with throughout my first three years at GVSU. There’s something about doing real work that helps you figure out what you actually enjoy doing in life - funny how that works, right? I’m glad I found that in this major.


What advice would you offer to current/future writing majors at Grand Valley?

Don’t be afraid to try other things before finding the major you belong in. I tried three or four different majors before landing on writing, and I don’t feel that I wasted any time at all in my college career. Time spent figuring yourself out isn’t wasted at all - it’s a necessary step to learning all you can learn during this pivotal point in your life.


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