Distinction in Writing: Writing Across Cultures

As Writing majors, students learn to more consciously use the power of language. This component allows students to explore the power of language across cultures.

Upon graduation from GVSU, students may find themselves working for organizations with global and multicultural interests. This component gives students experience working in professional or scholarly capacities across cultures. The activities within this component range from studying abroad to contributing to community and campus cultural events.

In order to receive credit for a component within the program, a student must finish either one (1) Level A activity or two different (2) Level B activities.

Level A

  • Study abroad for at least six weeks, keeping a travel/learning log reflecting on the experience.
  • Complete a writing-related internship abroad.
  • Volunteer to work as an English Language Services conversation partner.
  • Work as a Multicultural Assistant to a campus living center/dormitory.
  • Participate heavily in the Model Arab League.
  • Volunteer with a literacy program targeted at second-language speakers (e.g., Grandville Avenue Library).
  • Write a cultural history (of a group, or an organization, or another student from a different culture).
  • Volunteer as an ESL tutor for Samaritas New Americans Program.


Bennett Slavsky in Chile

Writing across cultures may involve studying abroad like Bennett Slavsky did in Chile. It might also involve working alongside students, GVSU organizations, or others in our communities. 

Level B

  • Participate in a week-long Spring Break Abroad program (through Seidman), keeping a travel/learning log.
  • Give a presentation at an academic conference with an international or intercultural theme.
  • Contribute writing/design work to the publicity or materials for an intercultural campus event.

Page last modified May 11, 2018