Women's Commission Women's Community Impact Award

Award Description & Nomination Criteria

This annual award (formerly known as the Women's Impact Award) has been established by the Women’s Commission to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions for the advancement of women at GVSU and in the community. This award will honor an individual for contributions as a professional, volunteer, or agent of change. The Women’s Community Impact Award will be presented at the annual Women's Commission Celebrating Women Awards Ceremony.

Nominations are encouraged from all employment groups at the University. The nomination and selection process is confidential. Please do not notify the candidate of your decision to nominate them. Those chosen for the award will be notified prior to the event. Nominees must be current employees of Grand Valley and will be based on the following:

  • Advocacy, beyond one’s job responsibilities, for gender equality in alignment with the mission of the Women’s Commission
  • Commitment to improving the lives of women at Grand Valley and/or women and girls in the community
  • Empowerment and inspiration of other women as a mentor, role model and/or friend
  • Commitment to community service
  • Demonstration of positive contributions to the lives of women and/or girls

This list is not intended to be inclusive, but rather to give some measure of excellence. The nominee need not excel in all areas. The contribution can be in the recent past or over a longer period of time.




Past Women's Community Impact Award Recipients

2019 - Susan Howard

2018 - Casey Thelenwood

2017 - Allison Ford

2016 - Cara Obobock

2015 - Shorouq Almallah

2014 - Diane Rayor

2013- Mitzi Loving Johnson

2012 - Dr. Debra Ross & Pat Smith

2011 - Lois Smith Owens & Dana Munk

2010 - Ramya Ramanath & Barbara Bivens

2009 - Laurie Witucki

2008 - Karen Gipson & Carol Sanchez

2007 - Shelley Irwin & Coreen Pelton

2006 - Star Swift & Elizabeth Eubanks

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